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(00:02) The Reverend H.T. Horrocks gives us an introduction: The recording was made on Sunday 28th June 1964 at Keyingham Parish Church. The first service was Matins at 10:30 a.m. It was conducted by H.T. Horrocks M.A., the organist was Miss K. Stanza, the duet was sung by Miss Stanza and Miss [Wellburn]. The bell ringing was by Miss Jean Edwards. The tape recording continued at 2:30 p.m. when Peter Michael William McCloud, the infant son of Mr and Mrs John McCloud of Keyingham was baptised. The water used for the baptism was from the Jordan River. In addition to family and friends, the Sunday School children were present during the baptism service and they sang the two hymns. (01:31) Sound of church bells ringing. (02:07) The hymn 438 'How bright these glorious spirits shine' is sung. (06:19) The Reverend Horrocks reads from Hebrews 12:1 'Seeing we are compassed about…' (07:14) He and the congregation say the [Prayers of Penitence]. (09:20) They say the Lord's Prayer and some other prayers. (13:49) Psalm 8, 'How majestic is your name.' is sung. (16:34) The Reverend Horrocks reads from Ezekiel 3:4. (24:12) He reads from John 1:35 'Again the next day…' (29:40) They say the Creed, accompanied by the church organ. (31:09) The Reverend Horrocks says the Lord's Prayer. (32:58) [The First Collect] is read by Reverend Horrocks. (33:21) He reads the Collect for Peace. (35:00) The Third Collect, for Grace, is read. (35:56) A duet taken from hymn 416, 'Forsaken once, thrice denied' is sung by Miss Stanza and Miss [Wellburn]. (38:31) The Reverend Horrocks prays for the peace of the world and for the unity of all Christian people and the sick and suffering. (40:58) He gives a blessing from Corinthians 2:13. (41:30) The Reverend Horrocks makes some announcements relating to the parish. (45:52) They sing hymn 300, 'All hail the power of Jesus' name.' (51:04) The Reverend Horrocks gives a blessing. (51:13) He reads from the Gospel of St John 1:42 and gives a sermon relating to this reading. (01:07:27) They sing hymn 270, 'Soldiers of Christ, arise.' (01:10:39) The Reverend Horrocks says a prayer beginning 'Unto God's most gracious mercy and protection…' (01:12:42) The baptism service of Peter Michael McCloud begins with the choir of schoolchildren singing 'Loving shepherd of thy sheep.' (01:26:09) The Reverend Horrocks baptises the infant using water from the Jordan River. 01:31:28) The Reverend Horrocks gives a final blessing. Film and Sound Archive access copy available onsite in the Audio-Visual Room

28 Jun 1964

Includes hymn composed by Sally Eyre and Beryl Grassby; sermon by the Reverend H T Horrox. Timing: (00:13) The Vicar tells us that this service of Evensong was recorded by Mr G. Edwards. The organist was Miss K. Stancer. (00:53) They sing hymn 536, 'There is a Land of Pure Delight.' (03:56) The Vicar reads from Matthew 11:28 'Come unto me, all you who are heavily laiden.' (06:44) They say The Lords Prayer. (08:24) They sing psalm 21, 'Praise for Deliverance from the Enemy.' (12:14) The Vicar reads from the First Book of Samuel 'And then he said to Saul, let no man pass…' (20:36) The Vicar reads from the Acts of the Apostles, 2:22, 'Ye men of Israel…' (29:07) They recite the Lords Prayer, then there are prayers and responses from the congregation. (33:20) Sally Eyre and Beryl Grassby sing the hymn they had composed. (36:01) Prayers are said for the Church, its clergy and people, and for those in need. (40:36) The Vicar reads out the parish announcements. (41:12) They sing hymn 228, 'Jerusalem the Golden.' (44:46) The Vicar gives a blessing. (45:03) The Vicar's sermon is based around Acts 2:42, 'They continued steadfastly…' (1:04:37) They sing hymn 209, 'Come, Gracious Spirit, Heavenly Dove.' (1:07:53) The Vicar gives the final blessing. Film and Sound Archive access copy available onsite in the Audio-Visual Room

18 Jun 1961

Commemorates the 20th anniversary of the Battle of Britain. The vicar was Rev H T Horrocks, the soloist was Miss Jane Galtry and the organist was Miss K [Stanza]. There are some short breaks in the sound on this recording. Duration: 1 hour 22 minutes Timing: (00:52) The first verse of the National Anthem is sung by the congregation. (02:02) They all sing 'Praise my soul, the King of Heaven'. (07:130 The vicar and congregation pray together. (08:10) They say the 'Our Father'. (10:04) The congregation sing Psalm 103, 'Bless the Lord, oh my soul'. (15:30) The first lesson, taken from chapter 44 of Ecclesiastes, is read by Squadron Leader Graham Evans of RAF Cardington. (17:43) The congregation sing the 'Magnificat'. (20:09) The second lesson, from 'Ephesians 6:10', is read. (21:56) 'Nunc dimittus' is sung. (25:31) The vicar and congregation say 'Our Father'. (28:31) They pray for freedom from the fear of our enemies. (29:27) Miss Galtry sings 'Abide with me'. (36:08) They pray for the peace of the world. (37:06) Prayers are said for the British Commonwealth of Nations (38:40) They pray for their homes and families. (39:38) They remember in their prayers all those of the Royal Air Force and also any others who gave their lives in the Battle of Britain. (41:07) The vicar reads part of the poem 'For the Fallen' by Laurence Binyon. (43:04) The vicar makes the announcements and welcomes the members of the Armed Services, the British Legion Women's Section and other ex-service people who are with them on that occasion. (45:02) They sing 'Father in mercy hear our prayer'. The fifth verse is sung as a solo. (50:54) The vicar gives a blessing. (51:05) The vicar reads from the 'Book of Zachariah 3:6' and gives a sermon based on this quote, which discusses the Battle of Britain and his memories of it. He served in the Observer Corps. (1:07:13) They sing the hymn 'Praise to Our God'. (1:12:15) The vicar says a prayer. (1:13:29) They sing the hymn 'Now thank we all our God'. (1:16:47) The organ is played while they make the collection. (1:21:18) The vicar can be heard in the background thanking everyone. Film and Sound Archive access copy available onsite in the Audio-Visual Room

18 Sep 1960

Dedication of 'Stancer' Memorial Window by Dr M Ramsay, Archbishop of York Timing: (00:50) Hymn no. 298, 'Praise My Soul, the King of Heaven' is sung by the congregation. The organist was Miss K. Stancer. (04:07) The Vicar, H.T.Horrocks, reads from Psalm 112.5 'The Righteous Shall be in Everlasting Remembrance.' (05:38) The Vicar and congregation say the General Confession and then the Lords Prayer. (08:17) The congregation sings Psalm 23 'The Lord is my Shepherd'. (10:48) The Vicar reads from the Book of Isaiah. (14:29) The congregation sing. (16:57) The Vicar reads from the 21st Chapter of the Book of Revelation of St John the Divine. (18:57) The congregation sing hymn no. 228 'Jerusalem the Golden'. (22:46) [The Vicar] gives a blessing. (23:58) The congregation sing and then pray. (33:24) A lady sings a solo of 'The Lords Prayer'. (36:35) The Vicar prays for, amongst other things, the peace of the world and unity amongst Christian people. (41:42) The Vicar makes some announcements about parish matters. (45:30) The congregation sing hymn 209 'Come, Gracious Spirit, Heavenly Dove'. (48:45) The [Archbishop] gives a blessing. (48:55) The [Archbishop] reads from the Epistle of St Paul to the Ephesians, and gives a sermon about the new stained glass window. (1:09:36) Everyone sings hymn 477 'The Day Thou Gravest, Lord is Ended'. (1:12:30) The organist plays a medley of religious music. (1:18:05) A final prayer is said. Film and Sound Archive access copy available onsite in the Audio-Visual Room

6 Dec 1960

This oratorio was performed by four members of Hedon Church choir, including Mark [Gowndrewer-Kingdom] and Bernard Smithson of Driffield. Mrs Briggs was the organist. The principals were Kenneth Gravel, bass, and Mr Riley, tenor. The solos were by Miss Diane Wilson, Miss Margot Tennison, Peter May and Geoffrey Spink. The blessing was given by W M Clark, rector. Timing: (01:40) 'And they came to a place named Gethsemane'. (02:24) 'The Agony'. (09:15) 'Processional to Cavalry' (organ solo). (11:26) 'Fling wide the gates'. (18:16) 'And when they were come'. (19:13) 'The mystery of the divine humiliation'. (22:34) 'He made himself of no reputation'. (23:34) 'The majesty of the divine humiliation'. (27:50) 'And as Moses lifted up the Serpent'. (28:58) 'God so loved the world'. (32:35) 'Litany of the Passion'. (35:30) 'Jesus said, 'Father, forgive them'. (36:19) 'So thou liftest thy divine petition'. (40:56) 'The mystery of the intercession'. (46:36) 'And one of the malefactors'. (48:42) 'The adoration of the crucified'. (50:39) 'When Jesus therefore saw his Mother'. (53:12) 'Is it nothing to you?' (54:10) 'The appeal of the crucified'. (59:31) 'After this, Jesus knowing that all things were now accomplished'. (1:01:15) 'For the love of Jesus'. (1:03:55) The Reverend R M Clark thanks the principal singers and the choir. (1:07:13) The congregation sing hymn 111, 'Oh Sacred Head, Surrounded'. Film and Sound Archive access copy available onsite in the Audio-Visual Room

3 Apr 1960

(01:08) They sing the hymn 'While shepherds watched their flocks by night.' (04:08) The Rev. H.T. Horrocks says the Lord's Prayer. (04:40) The Collect. (05:13) The Rev. Horrocks refers to some of the Commandments. (06:04) The Collect for the Queen. (07:09) The Collect of the Day. (07:55) The Epistle appointed for Christmas Day from Hebrews 1:1 is read to the congregation. (10:49) The Rev Horrocks reads the Gospel from John1:1. (13:09) He [and the congregation] sing the Creed. (17:03) The Rev. Horrocks reads out the notices and then gives a homily on Christmas. (18:31) They sing the hymn 'Hark the herald angels sing.' (21:44) The Rev. Horrocks prays for the whole state of Christ's Church. (26:26) He addresses those about to receive Holy Communion. (26:56) The General Confession is read out. (27:57) The Rev. Horrocks pronounces the Absolution, says some other prayers and reads from Saint John 3:16. (30:32) He says the proper Preface for Christmas Day. (33:32) The Rev. Horrocks says the Prayer of Consecration. (36:07) Holy Communion takes place. (41:25) The Rev. Horrocks says the Lord's Prayer. (43:39) He gives the final blessing. (44:29) The choir sing 'Oh come all ye faithful.' Film and Sound Archive access copy available onsite in the Audio-Visual Room

24 Dec 1961

This recording was made in Halsham Church on Sunday 10 Jul 1960. The service was conducted by Mrs Gwen [Poulson], the organist was Miss Mary [Boynton]. Children taking part included Kathleen Hodges, Brian [Blashill], Barbara Cole, Doreen [Blashill], Clive Cole, Christine Tennison, Elaine Smithson, Maureen Whitelam, Valerie Smithson and Jennifer Tennison. Timing: (01:03) They sing the hymn 'Come, let us join our cheerful songs'. (03:11) Mrs [Poulson] leads the congregation in a prayer of thanks for the anniversary. (05:17) They sing the hymn 'Oh happy band of pilgrims'. (07:36) Recitations, starting with Kathleen Hodges reciting 'Welcome kind friend'. (08:12) 'When I'm a man' Brian [Blashill]. (08:42) 'Jesus ever near' Barbara Cole. (09:11) 'Too wet' Doreen [Blashill]. (10:02) The choir sing 'King of glory, King of peace'. (12:15) The lesson from 'Matthew 5:4' is read by [Kyle Cam]. (14:17) They all sing the hymn 'Tell me the old, old story'. (18:56) Second group of recitations, starting with Christine Tennison reciting 'His spirit'. (19:29) Elaine Smithson 'Ever [sewing]'. (19:53) Maureen [Whitelam] 'For friends'. (20:26) Valerie Smithson 'What I expect'. (21:04) Five scholars sing 'Hymn 864'. (23:44) More recitations, starting with Kathleen Hodges and 'Sunshine after rain'. (24:28) 'Can anyone tell me?' Brian [Blashill]. (25:30) 'When I delight' Doreen [Blashill]. (26:04) Maureen Whitelam recites 'Jesus ever near'. (26:35) The children sing 'Jesus loves me'. (28:55) Jennifer Thompson reads from 'Corinthians 13:1'. (30:41) Christine Tennison gives a reading about Doctor Schweitzer. (31:22) 'My hopes' Elaine Smithson. (31:53) The collection is taken. (33:25) Maureen and Sandra recite 'Good afternoon'. (34:07) Mrs [Poulson] reads the notices. (34:54) Mrs [Poulson] gives the address about St Matthew when he was 'Levi the tax collector'. (41:45) The congregation sings the hymn 'We have an anchor'. (43:50) Mrs [Poulson] says the final prayer. (44:15) The children and choir sing 'How sweet the name of Jesus sounds'. Film and Sound Archive access copy available onsite in the Audio-Visual Room

10 Jul 1960

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