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Contains digital copies of photographs of Driffield and surrounding area taken by Driffield Photographic Society members, on DVD-ROM with 4 original photographs, 1905-2007


Contains 'Barn Dance' film nd. [c.1960], 'Middlehead' film 1964, 'Soccer' films nd. [c.1960], 'Beverley Centre Theft' film nd. [c.1960], 'Camping' film nd. [c.1960], 'Trip' film [1967], 'Halloween' film nd. [c.1960], 'Youth Club Night' film nd. [c.1965], 'Christmas Revue' film nd. [c.1960], 'Camping Trip' film nd. [c.1960], 'Marathon' film nd. [c.1960], 'Malham, Guiseley' film nd. [c.1960], 'Bus, Sports, South Wales' film nd. [c.1960], 'Langdale' film nd. [c.1960] and 2 films of unspecified content nd. [c.1960], 'Kids Today' local documentary video cassette 1996, 'School Events' DVD-ROM 1999-2000, 'Swinemoor' DVD-ROM 2000.

nd. [c.1960]-2000

Includes wills of William Hatton 1789 and Mary Hatton 1791, release of premises in Bolton 1791 and abstract of title of E J Thomas and W Kempley to property in Bolton 1918.


Contains a collection of photographs from Sampson family nd. [c.1870]-1999, Sampson family farming diaries 1950-1955, Bolton inclosure award [30 Apr 1757], Bolton Wesleyan Methodist Chapel account book 1852-1898, Bolton parish minutes 1899-1930 and Bolton Old Hall surveyor's report 1974.


Containing photographs of Fangfoss village, school and Wesleyan Chapel early 20th century-1972, Willow Farm, Fangfoss sale catalogue 20th century, sale particulars for Spode House 1973 and Manor Green 20th century, Bolton, Townend Farm sale catalogue, Bolton 1981, sale particulars for Full Sutton Airfield 1966 and arable land 1979


Includes Board of Governors’ minutes 1979-1991, headmistresses' reports 1955-1990, headmistresses' retirement presentations 1955 and 1979, headmistresses’ correspondence 1938-1969, staff register 1928-1967, staff contracts 1962-1989, salaries and wages records 1954-1973, school admission register 1965-1991, school council minutes 1947-1991, pupils’ scrap books containing material on current affairs in Germany, Austria and Czechoslavakia 1938, circular letters to parents 1978-1991,examination records 1930-1979, open day and speech day files 1961-1990, Golden Jubilee records 1988, visitors’ book, financial statements 1929-1955, cash and account books 1935-1968, school propspectuses 1948-1990, organisational assessment survey 1988, Education Bodies minutes and associated papers files 1949-1960, architectural plans and drawings 1930, 1956, 1964 and 1970, photographs of school pupils, staff, school life and school buildings and grounds 1928-1990, school magazines 1929-1987, scrapbooks 1928-1991, audio recording 1983, Old Girls’ Association, magazines 1946-1995, new Hunmanby Methodist Church records 1955-1959, 'The Conqueror's Gems' compiled for the Old Girls' Association Diamond Jubilee by Genista W Dawson 1992


Includes research notes 1930s-1980s; photographs and postcards 1897-20th century; newspaper cuttings 20th century; Hessle census 1841-1881 information; Hessle documents, notes and printed sources 1836-1988; Hull documents, notes and printed sources 1970-1984; guide books and leaflets 20th century; maps and plans mainly relating to Hessle (some copies) 1771-1910; published records 1919-1981 and other records 1960-c.1980s.

19th century-20th century

Contains Hook Enclosure Map (photocopy) [1768], Hook Enclosure Copy Map (digital copy) [1897], Hook Enclosure Award (digital copies) [1775-1954], Hook Enclosure Act transcript (digital copy) nd. [c.2011].


Including log books 1945-1968; registers of pupils 1926-1944; admission registers 1945-1988 [returned to College]; papers relating to examinations including mark books 1925-1973, staff salaries books 1948-1961; timetable book 1935-1939; headmaster's miscellanea 1927-1934 and 1973 with headmaster's notes, speeches, reports, newscuttings; papers relating to College administration 1926-1969; financial 1925-1980 with fee-payers cash books 1925-1943; records relating to premises and extensions 1954-1971; publications 1927-1988 with souvenir magazines, College magazine, prize day programmes; photographs 1925-1988; printing blocks; films 1960-1964 (originals transferred to Yorkshire Film Archive, access copies available here), records of Parents' Association with minutes and register of members 1954-1980; tennis club records 1936-1941.


Contains baptism registers 1561-1966; marriage registers 1561-1598, 1603-1977, burial registers 1561-1970; banns registers 1813-1978; grave registers 1867-1957; registers of services 1873-1977; catalogue of parish library 1699-1709; churchwardens' accounts 1592-1831, 1885-1948; churchwardens' minutes 1856-1953; poor rate assessments and disbursements 1712-1719, 1751-1761; copy conveyances of property in Beverley by trustees of the Church Charity Estate 1860-1871, 1894-1921; vestry minutes 1818-1959; parish magazines 1884-2010; rate book and minutes relating to new burial ground 1828-1843; faculties and related papers 1844, 1907-1961; papers relating to property and rents 1837-1860; papers relating to church fabric 1845-1971; Parochial Church Council minutes 1920-2015 and cash books 1923-1960; estate rent accounts 1926-1964; plans of St Mary's estate sold 1933; rate books 1828-1848; churchwardens' cash books 1922-1956; papers relating to charities 1803-1817; visitors books 1898-1944; leases for properties in Beverley 1675-1844; bastardy examinations, bonds and orders 1721-1831; papers relating to settlement and removal 1742-1834, apprenticeship indentures 1767-1842; letters from August Welby Pugin concerning restoration work 1842-1852, scrapbook from Gillyatt Sumner's collection containing documents relating to Beverley Minster 1562-1837 and Beverley charities 1707-1836


Contains covid-19 lockdown panoramic photographs and digital copies 2020


Contains 'Kilham' video DVD 1996-1997, 'The New Emmanuel, Bridlington' video DVD 2001 and 'High Wolds Heritage Exhibition' video DVD 2008


Containing constitution and organisation records 1994-1996, setting up records 1983-1997, minutes and reports 1974-2012, membership records 1991-2004, correspondence and administration records 1984-2010, Millennium Cairn project records 2000, copying records files 1999-2005, financial records 1985-2011, church directories 1985-2010, newsletters 1985-2005, printed ecumenical records 2004-2006, newspapers 2000, audio visual records 1995-2008.


Contains Elsie Yates oral history recording relating to her service in the East Riding Constabulary 2011, 'History of East Riding of Yorkshire Constabulary Old Comrades Association' video 1996, and WPC Elsie Yates police patrol notebook 1942-1944.


Includes Open University publications relating to family and community history 19th and 20th centuries, 1994-2000; notes from Enclosure Acts and Awards, 1980s; records relating to the publication of Robert Sharp's diary, 1970s-1990s; natural history records 1981-1995; printed records 1966-2000; notes and documents relating to mid Victorian Beverley, 1980s-1990s; notes and documents relating to local history in the East Riding and nationwide, 1837-1990s; sources for Certificate in Regional and Local History 1980s-1990s; University of Hull Local History Class, South Cave, records 1980s-1990s; maps and plans of the East Riding, 20th century; East Yorkshire Bibliography project, 1980s-1990s; and East Yorkshire Local History Society records, 1986-1996.

19th-20th century

Contains 'Steam on the North Yorkshire Moors' audio recording 1970. Originally deposited as a vinyl record.


Contains minutes 2002-2011, Secretary's administrative file 2004-2012, competition results record book 1999-2011, memorabilia file 1971-[2011], photographs 1973-[1997] and 40th anniversary photographs on CD-ROM 2012.


Contains 'Hull In Pictures' 1903-1966 CD-ROM 2013.


Contains digital copy of Easington postcard album [1903-1968]. Also includes images of Skeffling, Winestead, Welwick, Spurn Head, Kilnsea and Patrington.


Contains photographs of Beverley by T Hollingsworth c.1950s-1960s, scrapbook of Beverley photographs c.1900-1989, drawing of the old Hull Bridge by T B Burton of Beverley 1912, photograph of fire scene in Hull c.1940s, photographs of 'The Hovel' at North Ferriby c.1960s, photograph of Beverley Minster Mothers Union (photocopy) c.1930s, photographs of Beverley Salvation Army Corps Band and Beverley Emigrants CD-ROM nd. [c.1900]-1906, photograph album of Beverley streets nd. [20th century], photographs of Beverley Minster (copies) nd. [c.1881-1925], photographs of military parades on Cartwright Lane, and the junction of Cartwright Lane and Queensgate 1929, Beverley Post Office monthly returns of letters posted 1855-1886, wireless receiving licence 1945, broadcast receiving licence 1946, VHS video cassettes of BBC series 'The Trench' 2002, 'The Demolition of the Tannery of Richard Hodgson and Sons Limited' DVD-ROM by Reg Walker 2006, history of Molescroft file 1960-1998, notes on Admiral Walker Estate 2001, BBC programmes 'Songs of Praise' and 'Antiques Roadshow' at Beverley Minster records 2010, records relating to Charles Simmons, Green's Household Almanacks of Beverley 1940-1958, and Cook, Welton and Gemmell, Beverley, shipbuilders, mould loft department riveting list nd. [20th century]. Beverley research notes, 1907-2012, Beverley Minster service sheets 2015, and First World War research files 1972-2002


Contains PC33 John Kilburn pocket notebook (digital copy) [1841-1861]


Includes Bishop Wilton Local History Group file nd. [c.1998]-2011, Bishop Wilton Manor House photograph nd. [c.1900], Bishop Wilton village events photograph albums 2002-2009, Bugthorpe poor rate books 1837-1867, Pocklington Rural Deanery magazines 1942-1960, Pocklington Deanery Church News magazines 1961-1966, Stamford Bridge deeds 1713-1832, Long Close, Stamford Bridge deeds 1820-1955, Middleton, North Riding deeds 1672-1902, South Cave Wesleyan Methodist baptism register 1827-1943, will of William Seales Bastow 1832, will of Jane Robinson 1863, photograph of Earl of Halifax when viceroy of India nd. [c.1926-1931] and 'Visit of Ambassador Halifax to Alabama, USA' souvenir of visit book 1943.


Contains Bishop Wilton photographs file 1981, Hutton Cranswick photographs file 1981, Middleton on the Wolds photographs file 1988, Pocklington photographs file 1982-1986, Stamford Bridge photographs file 1981 and diary of Dr Kirk, Hedon, (photocopy) [1875-1882], Warter Priory garden features sale catalogue 1969, Yorkshire towns photograph album nd. [c.1950s], Beverley, Bridlington and Burton Agnes misericords slides (digital copies) CD-ROM nd. [c.1990s], 'The Long Way Home' recollections of World War Two by George Stephenson nd. [c.2000], Beverley Charities report extract 1823


Contains 'Ray Rands Farming and Cycling Days' [1930-2000] (Video CD) 2006, file of reminiscences from Ray Rands' life in the Holderness area 1999-2005 and notes on the 'good old bad old days' in Holderness 2008


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