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Videos from Economic Development Unit accession

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In Folder: CCHU/4/1


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nd. [c.1990s]

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nd. [c.1980s-1990s]

Includes checking roads for the RAC Rally, High Hunsley to High Gardham, Goodmanham, Millington, Warter to Shiptonthorpe, Lockington to Kirkburn, Watton to Hutton Cranswick. Public access copy available on Preservica here: <a href="|328b4d07-2607-474e-b34e-21f62444fe7a/">Preservica</a>


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nd. [c.1990s]

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nd. [c.1990s]

(00:10) A group of executives from a multi-national company are sitting in a boardroom discussing their European Business Strategy. (00:26) As they discuss the need for a ‘A proven blue-chip environment,’ a list of famous companies already in Humberside scrolls up the screen. (00:45) The executives mention the requirement for fast access to Europe and a we see film of a busy road and of shipping containers in Humberside. (01:07) A female executive points out that they need will need some support. The names of organisations such as the European Regional Development Fund pass across shots of Humberside, indicating that the support is already there. (01:19) As a male executive discusses the need for a large workforce with vital skills, we can see shots of Humberside workers constructing electronic components. (01:42) Another executive holds up a promotional brochure for Humberside, and tells his colleagues it is ‘At the centre of Europe.’ (02:13) A voiceover describes the varied economic activity, enterprise, culture and scenery in the area, illustrated by footage showing how dynamic and attractive Humberside is. (02:33) Grimsby, East Yorkshire, Scunthorpe, Glanford, Hull and Beverley are praised and shown in attractive footage. (03:20) The refinery at Immingham and the ports of Immingham and Goole are mentioned in relation to their closeness to London, Edinburgh and Rotterdam. (03:26) Two of the executives discuss running a check on which companies are already in Humberside. We see some shots of some of the major UK companies who are already there, and the voiceover gives us some statistics relating to them. (04:22) The voiceover continues, mentioning the green field sites available by deep water and Humberside’s role in petrochemical and offshore energy operations. (04:47) We are told that major banks, accountancy and legal services in the area are already expanding to meet the unprecedented demand and this is illustrated by some of their logos on the screen. The voiceover also mentions the recent arrival of 3i and the DTI in Humberside. (05:22) Over film of the Humber Estuary, we are reminded of its role as one of Europe’s major trade arteries, and of the investment being made in it. (06:12) We see some footage of the Humber Bridge, which links the whole communications network and is ‘ A symbol of strength, vision and success.’ (06:23) Two of the executives are starting to sound impressed with Humberside. ‘It sure covers a lot of our requirements,’ one says. (06:30) The film lists organisations such as The European Development Fund which is available to help business in Humberside, and we see shots of the high-quality workforce. (07:03) The way that Humberside in investing in the future with a wide range of schooling and other types of training is explained, over film of children playing cricket and also in a state-of-the –art laboratory. R and D projects carried out with some of the colleges and with Hull University are also mentioned. (07:31) Back in the board room, the executives wonder what the lifestyle in Humberside would be like. The film and voiceover emphasise the excellent housing stock, varied sporting, leisure and cultural pursuits available in the area. We are also shown the excellent hotels and the closeness of historic York and Lincoln. The voiceover also explains that Humberside is within easy reach of Edinburgh, London and Rotterdam. (08:27) The executives conclude their meeting by agreeing to visit Humberside and write a report about it. Public access copy available on Preservica: (Search 'CCHU/4/1/7/13')


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nd. [c.1990s]

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