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Original slides ref DDPD-1-1-1 to 12

Object Type: Folder
In Folder: DDPD/4/1


(12.) 167-200A Slides of North Bar Within individual buildings, Beverley

(1.) 1-24 Slides of maps and aerial views of Beverley

(8.) 117-134 Slides of North Bar Without, Beverley

(6.) 75-85 Slides of road works, Beverley

(7.) 86-116 Slides of North Bar 600th celebration, Beverley

(9.) 135-138 Slides of Bar House, Beverley

(11.) 143-166 Slides of North Bar Within, Beverley

(10.) 139-142 Slides of buses and North Bar, Beverley

(3.) 46-50 Slides of views taken from the top of Beverley Minster

(5.) 64-74 Slides of Beverley North Bar

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