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Easington postcard album (CD-ROM)

Object Type: Folder
In Folder: DDX1276


DL4_66 Easington The Square photo 1900s

DL4_241 Hill Top Farm Patrington prize cattle 1900s photo

DL4_153 Spurn Head looking north 1917 photo

DL4_224 Patrington School photo 1900s

DL4_104 East Cliff Easington 1929 photo

DL4_126 St Germain's Church Winestead 1900s sketch postcard

DL4_111 St Helen's Church Skeffling 1900s photo

DL4_85 Tithe Barn Easington photo 1900s

DL4_57 Easington Church 1917 photo

DL4_67 Easington church photo 1907

DL4_50 Easington beach looking south 1900s photo

DL4_91 High Street Easington 1937

DL4_100 Easington north from church tower 1912 photo

DL4_166 SS Solway & Spurn Head 1900s postcard setting

DL4_45 Easington group of men mostly uniformed 1905 photo

DL4_56 Easington Church photo 1927

DL4_7 Easington church and High Street photo 1900s

DL4_231 Patrington Church interior 1904 photo

DL4_24 Easington Wesleyan sunda school anniversary photo 1906

DL4_202 May Day Festival Patrington 1913 photo

DL4_34 Easington Loten's Museum Cat's Wedding 1906 photo

DL4_20 The Camp Easington 1905 photo

DL4_54 High Street Easington photo 1909

DL4_59 Entering the village Balk End Easington 1900s

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