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Originally deposited as an audio cassette Contains an inaugural service for the Humberside churches at Beverley Minster Duration: 46 mins 58 sec Timing: Action on film Film and Sound Archive access copy available onsite in the Audio-Visual Room An incomplete audio recording of the Festival of Faith held in Beverley Minster in1995 (00:07) Introduction and welcome to the Festival of Faith service (02:40) Greetings from those who are unable to attend the service, including the Bishops of Middlesbrough, Nottingham and Leeds. Also from the Moderator of the United Reform Church and Baptist Superintendents from the NE and E Midlands regions (02:46) The Festival of Faith will last 78 days in the Humberside region, with 160 events (03:40) This service is the opening act of worship. Offers of thanks are given to all those who helped to organise both the service and the Festival (04:50) The Festival marks the dissolution of the Humberside Churches Council, which was founded in 1981 to match the establishment of the new Humberside County Council. With the demise of the County Council the Churches Council will be reconstituted in some form yet to be agreed (05:40) The event has been organised to celebrate the Christian faith (06:23) Hymn of praise sung by the choir with the organ (08:35) Hymn sung by the choir and congregation with the organ (12:49) An instrumental piece of music (16:35) Prayers with responses from the congregation (21:02) A further prayer with the congregation responses. The congregation is encouraged to make the sign of peace (21:44) A hymn backed by an instrumental group (24:50) A hymn of celebration backed by an instrumental group (28:30) A reading where Jesus preaches on Isiah’s vision of the Kingdom of God (30:29) A second reading from Acts Chap 1 (32:12) A hymn ‘How Great Thou Art’ with the organ (37:35 A speaker introduces Jane who attends Beverley Minster and asks her to tell the congregation about herself. She explains she is a teacher at Walkington School, teaching a class of 36 4-5 year old and she is a Brown Owl and a Guide Leader. She also has MS, which was diagnosed in 1984. She then goes on to talk about an experience she had when she was praying for guidance with a friend about an issue they were trying to resolve. She describes how Jesus appeared to her surrounded by intense light and heat and how she saw ugly unhealed scars on his wrists. She took hold of his hand and he held her hand firmly. She then turned to her friend and said Jesus is here and her friend replied I know (46:58) The DVD ends suddenly without completing the description of the service Public access copy available on Preservica: (Search 'DDX1899/6/1')

1 Jun 1995

Originally deposited as a CD-ROM. Includes accounts 2008-2010, colour logo, invoice templates and case for why we need KEY Churches Together by Rev Richard Frith, Bishop of Hull. Public access copy available in Audio-Visual room.


Includes accounts, Churches Regional Commission papers, Churches Together In England file, North Humberside Industrial Mission file and Church Leaders Group file.


Originally deposited as a CD-ROM. Includes Key Churches draft newsletters. Public access copy available in Audio-Visual room.


Originally deposited as a CD-ROM. Includes Churches Regional Commission papers, reports file, newsletters and Churches Together In England elections file. Public access copy available in Audio-Visual room.


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