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Contains enclosure award for Hunmanby 1810 (includes a plan of Fordon 1801); overseer's accounts 1784-1829; poor rate book 1849; scrapbook relating to Hunmanby, Osbaldeston and Mitford families of Hunmanby Hall 1642-1987


Contains minutes 1983-2017, receipts and expenditure book 1937-1996, petty cash book 1983-2004, Foston enclosure award plan 1776 and tracing of plan of Brigham 1813.


Includes minutes 1894-2020, declarations 1934-1989; financial records 1931-1992; deeds 1953-1988; playing field 1913-2001; school and charities 1870-1951; allotments 1905-1972; bypass 1952-1957; village development 1989-2011; village hall 1914-1991; rights of way 1950-1994; correspondence 1936-1995; plans 1927-1966; civil defence 1938-1949; royal events 1952-1977; reorganisation 1960s; miscellaneous printed volumes and leaflets 1958-c.2009; parish newsletters 1998-2012; North Ferriby Overseers records 1868-1941 with rate assessments 1884-1888; North Ferriby and District Self Help Society account book 1893-1941; memorandum and articles of association of Ferriby Heritage Trust 1994; history of North Ferriby records 1890-2015, Jessie Wilson notebooks 1911-1987 and photograph album 1930-1935; photographs 20th century-2015


Includes '2011 Census Project' records covering local parish councils, churches, businesses, health and medical information, children's activities, societies, sports and charities, people and places, local elections, local magazines and printed sources, oral history interviews CD-ROMs mainly 2010-2014, and U3A records 2007-2023


Contains 'Howdenshire Residents and Hearths Recorded in Hearth Tax Returns 1670, 1672 and 1674' database information 2023


Includes council minutes 1995-2020; constitution and standing orders 2001-2021; year books 1995-2012; East Riding Unitary records 1994-1995; adult care services records 1997-2004; children and family services records 1996-2012; Hessle Youth Centre records 1940s-1980s; Snaith Youth Club records 1989-2014; Humber emergency planning files 1994-2000; local development framework records 2002-2012; Joint Structure Plan for Kingston upon Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire records 1998-2008; borough, district and area local plans 1996-2007; housing land availability position statements 1997-2008; employment land monitoring reports 2003-2009; transport policies and programmes 1996-2004; 'East Riding News' and 'Your East Riding' 1997-2017; press release files 1995-2000; press cuttings files 1996-2001; leaflets and brochure files 1996-2017; rural policy and partnership records 1998-2012; school organisation plans 1999-2003; primary school performance tables 1997-2002; statements of accounts 1997-2009; pension fund annual report and accounts 1998-2008; housing services 1996-2013; Treasure House records 1999-2006; service plans 1999-2007; building regulations indexes for Beverley, Boothferry, Bridlington, and Driffield administrative areas c.1974-2000; planning and conservation records 1996-2011; joint minerals development plans 2008-2012; listed buildings photograph files 1985-2007; Bridlington Leisure World plans 1972-2005; register of approved premises for civil marriages 1995-2000; waste management records 2003-2012; and Humberside Fire Authority minutes 1996-2007, Bridlington Town Centre Area Action Plan submission documents 2004-2019, Boothferry Bridge shipping movements logbooks 1969-2018


Includes May Queen ceremony, Barmby Marsh, photograph and slides 1953 and winter scene at the bandstand, Saturday Market, Beverley, slide 1953, East Riding of Yorkshire County Council Education Committee correspondence 1948-1952, family postcards from abroad [1958-1959], ‘Ten Pounds Pom’ memoir of Joyce M McLellan 2018, school exercise book [1956-1958], school photographs of Beaumont Road School, West Killara, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia [1956-1958], and slides of trip to Australia and New Zealand 1956-1959 with identification list 2018, Wetherall, McLellan and Welbourn families photographs and research file nd. [19th century-21st century], 'The principal jockeys of the North of England' poster by Anson Ambrose Martin [1844], photograph of the Cameron Highlanders (digital copy) nd. [1940s]


Contains oral history interviews recorded by Dr Alex Ombler of individuals recollecting their memories of everyday life in 20th-century East Riding of Yorkshire.


Contains Board minutes 2007-2012, Advisory Committee minutes 2008-2012, Board meetings files 2006-2009, legal advice files 2007-2009, personnel file 2009-2011, public relations reports 2009, audited accounts file 2007-2010, external audit file 2008, photographs 1992-2004, slides c.2004, tourist guides and brochures 1965-2010, newspaper cuttings and articles 2010-2011, magazines 1998-2011, books 1989-2011, postcards c.2000, DVD-ROMs and CD-ROMS 2003-2007.


Includes 'Hedon, Hornsea and Withernsea memories' 3 compilation DVDs set with 3 booklets 2008, 'Memories of Hedon in the 1960s' DVD with booklet 2008, 'Hornsea Pottery' 2 DVDs set with 2 booklets 2008, 'Entertainment in Withernsea in the 1960s' DVD with booklet 2008, 'Front Room Masters' 2 CD set (compilation of local 1966-1973 music tracks) 2008.


Contains a survey of milestones within the boundaries of the pre 1974 East Riding of Yorkshire. Includes 35mm colour slides to illustrate the text. The slides were originally stored with other slides in an album known as 'D' album. These were extracted to form the file at DDX982/3 and kept their 'D' numbers. This explains why the numerical sequence is not continuous. The records are arranged according to the individual turnpikes as listed in Kenneth MacMahon's book 'Roads and Turnpike Trusts in Eastern Yorkshire' (East Yorkshire Local History Society, No. 18, 1964). The milestones are listed according to their location along the old turnpike roads. There is an overview at the front of the file which indicates how many milestones are located within each former turnpike area and which ones are classed as 'missing'. Includes milestones located along York to Scarborough road and Beverley (Kexby) to York road. These two roads exceed the boundaries of the present East Riding.


Contains log books 1893-1997, admission register 1920-2003, accident books 1972-2004, inventory book 1993-2000, school photographs 20th century-2004, material relating to 150th anniversary of school 1996 and memoirs of Henry Robinson 1850-1939.


Includes Beverley Playhouse records 1940s-1994, Beverley records 1943-c.2003, photographs of Beverley streets 20th century (mainly 1980s), photographs for use in 'A brief history of health care' c.1996, slides of Beverley streets late 19th-20th century, film reels (transferred to Yorkshire Film Archive) and videos 1960s-1970s, and records relating to cinemas 1960s-1994.

Late 19th-20th century

Includes minutes 1894-1955 and 2003-2022, parish councillors' declarations 1895-2013, receipt and payments books 1916-1996, accounts files 1999-2007, copy letter book 1895-1930, correspondence and legal files [1920]-2012, register of allotments 1899-1931, allotment rent ledgers 1897-1955, planning application records 1996-2021, enclosure award and plan 1766, rate assessment book nd. [mid 19th century], and surveyor of highways receipt and expenditure accounts 1882-1895, annual audit papers 2003-2017, visitor list and request to speak 2016-2023


Includes Skerne minutes 1894-1932, Wansford minutes 1895-1932, Skerne and Wansford minutes 1932-1999, Wansford declarations of parish councillors 1907-1931, form of precept books 1896-1973 and receipts and payment book 1942-1967, digital photographs of Skerne 2003-2015 and Henry Parker, Wansford, memorial service records (digital copies) 2017


Includes minute books 1967-2002, accounts book 1975-1987, information files 1960s-2007, membership cards 1969-2006, and oral history of Pocklington tapes 1986.


Includes school governors' minutes 1981-1997, school governors' reports 1990-2003, headteachers' reports 1984-1989, headteachers' files 1950-1997, staff records 2005, pupils' grade register 1991-1995, school year books 1999-2014, Susan Ince's exercise books 1961-1966, examination results 1935, administrative records 1908-2007, school status records 1996-2005, certificates awarded to the school 2000-2008, school inspection report 2000, school prospectuses c.1910-2009, school management and development plans 1990-2009, school information sources 1980s-2008, historical school records (in folders) 19th century-2009, school magazines 1935-2012, printed records (programmes and orders of service) 1914-2014, photographs 1910-2013, school centenary celebrations exhibition 2008 (includes records 1908-2008), audio visual records 1958-2008, miscellaneous school records and items 1930s-2008, Old Girls' Association administrative records 1934-2009, Old Girls' Association newsletters 1916-2011, Old Girls' Association events records 1968-2008, miscellaneous records 1934-2001, and school building records 1946-2005

19th century-2014

Includes log books Senior Boys 1911-1937, Senior Girls 1911-1936, Girls/High 1936-1948, Girls High 1948-1967, Junior 1911-1944,1955-1969, Junior High 1969-1988, Infants 1911-1938, Infants/Primary 1938-1971; admission registers Girls High 1948-1967, Junior 1955-1965, Junior/Junior High 1965-1973, Junior High 1973-1988; pupils' reports and leaving certificates (Girls) 1936-1967, Board of Education returns 1920-1939, Heads' annual reports to school Governing Body 1953-1974, school magazines Senior Boys 1914-1916, programmes, certificates, photographs 1914-1916, 1929-1985


Contains school organisation returns and returns for the department of education and science 1974-1988; log books 1967-1988; punishment book 1941-1949; admission registers 1966-1983; photographs 1970s-1980s; video cassette 1980s


Includes governors' reports and related records 1967-1983, headmasters' diaries 1967-1982, admissions registers 1967-1981, syllabus files c.1960s-1980s, photographs 1967-2012, medals and awards c.1917-1969, Sir Henry Cooper Old Boys' Association records 1921-1986.


Contains Wesleyan Day School log book 1871-1908 (girls from 1877), log books (girls) 1908-1969, log books (boys) 1878-1967, log books Hall Gate Junior School 1990-1998, managers' minutes 1941-1953, governors' minutes files 1986-1998, admission registers 1880-1997, correspondence primary school 1940-1954, photographs 1940s-2005, 'The Penny Illustrated Paper and Illustrated Times' 1875, sports pavilion file 1970-1972, school trips booklets and itineraries 1952-1992, Friends of Hallgate Junior School minutes 1974-1976


Contains log books 1879-1972, digital photographs nd. [c.1900s]


Contains project administration records and transcripts 1999-2021, Skidby Mill oral history interviews 1999-2008, other recordings and transcripts 1978-2021.


Contains Beverley Civil Defence street plan nd. [c.1940s], Beverley Heritage Centre records file 1968-1983, memoirs of a young mother in Beverley 1973-1986, Friends of Beverley Minster School minute book 1980-1981, 'The Yawn' Kelvin Hall School magazines 1982-1983, Beverley Theatre research file 1973-2020, Beverley local history research file nd. [21st century], printed records file 1907-early 2000s, modern print of East Riding historical map showing wapentakes [19th century], Beverley Waltham Lane residents Covid-19 lockdown experiences essay (digital copy) Sep 2020


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