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Contains 'Riston Christmas Wonderland' CD-ROM 2014.


Contains Warter digital photographs 2015.


Contains Beverley Minster guided tour video and notes (digital copies) 2018.


Includes school governors' minutes 1981-1997, school governors' reports 1990-2003, headteachers' reports 1984-1989, headteachers' files 1950-1997, staff records 2005, pupils' grade register 1991-1995, school year books 1999-2014, Susan Ince's exercise books 1961-1966, examination results 1935, administrative records 1908-2007, school status records 1996-2005, certificates awarded to the school 2000-2008, school inspection report 2000, school prospectuses c.1910-2009, school management and development plans 1990-2009, school information sources 1980s-2008, historical school records (in folders) 19th century-2009, school magazines 1935-2012, printed records (programmes and orders of service) 1914-2014, photographs 1910-2013, school centenary celebrations exhibition 2008 (includes records 1908-2008), audio visual records 1958-2008, miscellaneous school records and items 1930s-2008, Old Girls' Association administrative records 1934-2009, Old Girls' Association newsletters 1916-2011, Old Girls' Association events records 1968-2008, miscellaneous records 1934-2001, and school building records 1946-2005

19th century-2014

Contains 'Panny D, our boys and me' Covid-19 poem by Helen McGill (digital copy) 2021


Includes council minutes 1973-1994, copy minutes 1973-1996, reports 1973-1996, files 1920-1994, councillors declarations of acceptance of office 1973-1996, councillors declarations of financial interest 1974-c.1995, officers declarations of financial interest 1976, 1992-1996, councillors attendance book 1976-1996, year books 1973-1996, registers of documents sealed 1973-1985, contracts 1919-1988, school governing body minutes for Hull Division 1969-1988, emergency planning files and other records 1956-1994


Contains Chris Sewart, Beverley, Covid-19 poem (digital copy) 2021


Contains log books 1896-1997, admissions register 1878-1946, punishment book 1951-1957, maintenance of property record book 1950-1981, stock book 1905-1957, returns 1921-1964 , photographs 1919-2000s and news cuttings 1977-1990, digital records 1896-1997


Contains 'The Beautiful Gothic Window' book 2014 and 'The Beautiful Gothic Window' video recording 2014.


Contains 'From Trike To Bike' video 2014.


The 'East Riding Blockdown: Contemporary Collecting in Minecraft' project was launched in January 2022 to collect the COVID-19 pandemic experiences of youths based in the East Riding. The project utilised the popular videogame Minecraft to provide an online, multiplayer world, called the Archiverse, for participants to document and build their pandemic stories. The Archiverse featured a fully-explorable reconstruction of the Treasure House, home of the East Riding Archives. Participants could also participate offline using their own device and private Minecraft world to build and write their pandemic experiences, and also via in-person events and workshops. The 'East Riding Blockdown: Contemporary Collecting in Minecraft' project was supported by The Audience Agency's 'Digitally Democratising Archives' project thanks to funding from the Department of Culture, Media and Sport, and the National Lottery, as part of The National Lottery Heritage Fund's 'Digital Skills for Heritage' initiative.


Comprising an series of records of Beverley Borough and related Beverley documents additional to the main collection of records listed as DDBC. Incorporates records of Beverley Lighting and Watching Commissioners and Beverley Local Board of Health Includes charters and other official records relating to incorporation of borough 1129-1686, town chartulary c.1400-1452, great guild book containing customs and liberties of town c.1409-1589, small and great order books 1575-1835, account rolls 1344-1729, corporation minutes books 1436-1973, committee minutes 1846-1897, deeds relating to St Giles' Croft 1412-1413, deeds relating to lands of Chantry of John de Ake of Beverley 1324-1432, deeds relating to lands belonging to the Chantry of St James at Hull Bridge 1653-1700, oath rolls for mayor and corporation 1809-1825, Beverley Minster fabric rolls 1445-1446 and 1531-1532, roll of chantries granted to town 1578, St Mary's churchwarden's account rolls 1648-1652, account books and rentals 1729-1798, Beverley book accounts 1726-1797, St Martin's Burial Board minutes 1859-1903, maps and plans 1747-1837 including Burrow's map of Beverley 1747, survey of corporation estate 1806, copy plan of Beverley by David Hick 1811; papers relating to charities 1742-1850 with references to Ann Routh's charity and Farrer's charity; papers relating to common pastures 1798-1839 with accounts for Hurn and Westwood Pastures; register of apprenticeship indentures 1728-1843, burgess and freemen rolls 1710-1974, Commission of the Peace and Justice's oath books 1836-1950; town clerk's letter books 1846-1912; records of Beverley Lighting and Watching Commissioners 1808-1887 with minutes, accounts, rate books and gas rental; records of Beverley Local Board of Health 1851-1872 also with St Nicholas parish highway rate book 1844-1846; declarations of acceptance of office of mayors, aldermen and councillors 1836-1950; records relating to Beverley Minster including account books 1718-1731, 1802-1837 and accounts of Warton's Hospital and Charity 1725-1899; Beverley Wesleyan School minutes 1903-1905.


Contains managers minutes 1939-1975, logbook 1965-1998, incident book 1996-1998, academic year diaries 1997-2000, correspondence file 1939-1945, staff minutes 1957-1963, admission registers 1938-2005, books of merit badges and awards nd. [1970s]-1998, pupil school entrance form 1943, book of headteacher's awards 2003-2007, pupils Musical Festival certificates folders 1992-1996, pupils work 1966-2004, Anlaby Infant School pupils arrival and departure book 2005-2007, administrative records and scrapbooks 1957-2007, materials for lessons and assemblies 1938-2000s, Anlaby County Primary School building plans folder 1972, school photograph albums 1950-2003, school photographs (year groups and staff) files nd. [1970s]-2007, framed photographs nd. [1980s]-2006, loose school photographs files nd. [1940s-2007], printed records 1954-1981, Anlaby Infant School Prospectus and digital copy 2006


Proceedings including council minutes 1889-1974; copy minutes 1889-1973; committee minutes 1889-1974; notices of motion 1918-1973, councillors' declarations 1888-1970, year books 1893-1974; questions and answers at council meetings 1938-1973; Clerk including registers of documents sealed 1889-1963, registers of contracts 1929-1938, documents registers c.1890s-1974; contracts 1890-1974; Treasurer including abstracts of accounts 1897-1973; budget estimates 1905-1974, journals 1889-1931, treasurer's cash book 1889-1890, financial schedules 1891-1905, receipts and payments accounts 1889-1933, staff salary registers 1909-1954, registers of teachers' salaries 1903-1968, superannuation fund return 1959-1963, valuation list for County 1927; Surveyor including registers of bridges 1929-1970s; Education including Board of Education returns 1903, County and H.M. Inspectors reports 1903-1960, papers relating to school endowments 1904-1958, administration records 1894-1952, staff registers c.1903-1909, staff salaries' registers c.1904-1946, teachers' agreements 1903-1949; registers of scholarships c.1912-1920, governors' minutes for Beverley High School for Girls 1907-1945, Bridlington St George's Senior Schools 1931-1945, Bridlington High School for Girls 1945-1960, Hessle County Schools 1945-1964, Withernsea County Schools 1945-1964, records transferred from Bridlington Borough Education Committee 1880-1952, miscellaneous documents 1871-c.1960, monthly circulars to schools 1963-1974, miscellaneous printed matter 1936-1967; public health department records with County Medical Officer of Health reports 1921-1930, 1950-1966; Planning including plans relating to town planning schemes 1938-1947; Libraries including accession registers 1927-1930s, stock records 1950-1956; Licensing including register of offences against local taxation licences 1909-1957, licensing compensation authority papers relating to loss of licence of public houses 1883-1940; Weights and Measures including registers of convictions 1908-1944, chief inspector's annual reports 1965-1972.


Includes deeds and documents relating to Bridlington 1923; Burton Fleming 1723-1881; Filey 1788-1894 with Filey Enclosure Act; Filey Enclosure Award; prospectus of Filey Fishery Harbour Company; lists of vessels discharging on Filey sands; Filey Harbour Act; Flamborough 1723 comprising a declaration of loyalty to 'King George and the community' by the inhabitants of Flamborough; Folkton 1674-1920 with list of presentations to rectory; tithe rental for Folkton, Flixton and Flotmanby; case as to dilapidations of rectory; Fordon 16th century; Foxholes 1840 comprising a copy of Foxholes Enclosure Award; Ganton 1656-1658; Hunmanby 1280-1909 with notes on tenure of the manor of Hunmanby; memorandum on descent of freehold lands; Hunmanby and Fordon Enclosure Award; plan of Hunmanby vicarage land; copy of plan referred to in Filey Waterworks Bill; Filey Water Act; Manor of Hunmanby with court roll; estreats of amercements; jury verdicts; bailiff's account of receipts and pains; Muston 1267-1882 with copy terrier of chapelry, tithe account book, tithe rental; Manor of Reighton 1665-1845 with court roll; estreat of amercements; jury lists; jury verdicts; Ousethorpe in the parish of Millington 1843-1860 with apportionment of tithes in the parishes of Pocklington and Millington; Wold Newton 1764-1910; document relating to Cambridgeshire late 14th century comprising three fragments of a manorial account referring to Stretham and Thelford; deeds relating to Yorkshire (North Riding) 1370-1685; documents relating to various townships 1285-1925; deeds relating to settlements 1592-1728; miscellaneous documents 15th century-1920 with pedigree of families of Wawton, Thweng and Westroppe; sale catalogue of foxhounds at Rugby; printed list giving details of hunts in Great Britain; maps and plans 1767-1911 with plans of lands in Flamborough belonging to James Legard.


Contains Governors minutes 1942-1871, Governors reports 2001-2002, Governors administration files 1948-1981, staff registers and lists 1895-2008, staff references 1952-1958 and 1970, staff salaries books 1922-1944, staff meals registers 1971-1974, caretaking staff file 1974-1975, staff meeting minutes, 1983-2006, staff achievements and memoirs 1931 and 2006, admission registers 1906-1996, pupil information records 1909-1983, reports and references 1925-2003, records of achievement 1989-2003, punishment books 1967-1981, leavers books 1936-1996, entrants and leavers files 1967-1987, class lists 1942-1999, medical list registers and cards 1954-1974, pupil meals registers 1954-1974, examination records and certificates 1954-2002, archive records of old pupils 1910-1959, pupil council records 1960-1997, pupil correspondence file , register of court proceedings against pupils 1904-1940, pupils work c.1950s-1999, administration and correspondence files 1931-2009, examination records 1932-2000, library book accession registers c.1950s-1994, staff bulletins 1986-1999, school statistic files 1950-1971, sport log books 1956-1970, French trip files 1997-1999, Jubilee and Centenary celebration files 1959 and 2010, postal records 1975-1976, speech day files 1960-1972, cash books 1911-1974, purchases account book 1965-1970, sales accounts books 1968-1972, receipt books 1972-1976, invoices 1962-1989, stock account records 1940-1967, C J Forth loans fund records 1931-1964, 'Financial Guidelines' 1997, budget records 1984-2000, school prospectus c.1930s-2010, curriculum records 1980-2003, school policies 1983-2002, teaching resources 1963-1999, school committees 1904-1997, school reports 1980-2006, photographs 1910-2003, school building plans 1949-1989, field centre records 1967-1998, school magazines 1927-2008, school bulletins 1948-1974, programmes 1957-2009, 2015, school library books c.1890-1958, newspaper cuttings 1958-2008, school history records 1910-1966, miscellaneous printed records 1913-2006, audiovisual records 1963-2009, West Riding County Council Education Subcommittee minute books 1904-1945, staff registers 1895-1949, school building plans and records 1927-1964, court proceedings against pupils records 1904-1940.


Contains Cottingham Infants School class photographs 1901-1920, Hull-Cottingham horse bus photograph (photocopy) [1897] and Cottingham parish magazine 1953, Eastrington Methodist Church re-opening souvenir booklet 24 Mar 1914


Contains Welton overseers of the poor account book (digital copy) [1718-1787], Welton manorial records (digital copies) [1783-1805] and apprenticeship indentures (digital copies) [1849-1864]


Contains 'Pavey Ark, local music group, 5-track EP' audio recording 2016


Contains events, awards and achievements files 1989-2009; projects files 1990-2010; photograph albums 1994-2013; photographs of project work 2001; certificates 1992-2009, East Riding of Yorkshire Council Chairman's award trophy 2009, banners nd. [20th century], Rifle Butts Nature Reserve CD-ROM nd. [c.2010].


Contains The Garden Family 2021 fund raising calendar 2020, 'The Garden Family' booklet by Karen Simpkin 2020, 'Beverley Life' newspaper article 2020, The Garden Family 2022 fund raising calendar 2021, digital photographs 2020, Beverley Podcast interview with Karen Simpkin 2020, Beverley Podcast interview with Katie Ritchie 2020, digital video records 2020.


Includes council minutes 1927-2007, 1993-1998, Boys' Club minutes and financial records 1938-1947, Vocational Service Committee minutes 1949-1955, lists of members 1927-1987, annual dinner records 1960-1988, 1991-1999, archives files 1977-[2010], community service records 1982-2014, club charter 1928, 'Borough, Urban and Rural Councillor' book 1947, Walsall Club leather souvenir nd. [20th century] and club visit to Holland video cassette 1965, film of social outings CD-ROM [early 1960s]


Includes family history research notes and related records 20th century; Robert Andries Rayward's reminiscences 20th century; birth, marriage and death certificates (copies) [19th century-20th century]; Robert Andries Rayward's certificates 1951-1970 and family photographs 19th century-1990s.

19th century-20th century

Includes minutes 1895-2014; declarations on acceptance of office 1895-1987, 2003-2014; receipt and payment book 1947-1980, 1990-2008; allotments rent register 1947-1968, tenancy agreements 1928-2016; war memorial committee minutes 1919-1924 and fund and site accounts 1920-1923, correspondence 1921-1923 and war memorial refurbishment 2007-2008; Charity Commissioners' order relating to trustees of charity lands at Giggleswick School 1921 and list of governors 1921; registration of common land 1978-1979; correspondence files 1981-2015; Sober Hill Wind Farm 2008-2010; landowner agreements to pay poor rate for parish of North Cave 1870-1907, valuation list 1885, and planning application files 2007-2017


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