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Contains East Riding postcards CD-ROM nd. [20th century]

nd. [20th century]

Contains Mary Leppington and Kathleen Lineham, Langtoft, oral history audio recording nd. [c.1980s], 'Waterspouts on the Yorkshire Wolds' extract of introduction (photocopy) nd. [c.1990].

nd. [c.1980s]-nd. [c.1990]

Contains 'Folk Song 88' recording audio cassette 1988, 'Folk Song 89' recording audio cassette 1989, 'Hollywood in Humberside' recording audio cassette 1989, 'A Song for the 90s' recording audio cassette 1989


Contains 'Sketches of the Bell & Gell families, from the year 1630 to 1868' family history by William Bell (digital transcript) [1869-1893].


Contains George Medforth farming memoirs (copies) nd. [c.1903-1978].

nd. [c.1903-1978]

Containing constitution and organisation records 1994-1996, setting up records 1983-1997, minutes and reports 1974-2012, membership records 1991-2004, correspondence and administration records 1984-2010, Millennium Cairn project records 2000, copying records files 1999-2005, financial records 1985-2011, church directories 1985-2010, newsletters 1985-2005, printed ecumenical records 2004-2006, newspapers 2000, audio visual records 1995-2008.


Contains events, awards and achievements files 1989-2009; projects files 1990-2010; photograph albums 1994-2013; photographs of project work 2001; certificates 1992-2009, East Riding of Yorkshire Council Chairman's award trophy 2009, banners nd. [20th century], Rifle Butts Nature Reserve CD-ROM nd. [c.2010].


Contains minutes 2002-2011, Secretary's administrative file 2004-2012, competition results record book 1999-2011, memorabilia file 1971-[2011], photographs 1973-[1997] and 40th anniversary photographs on CD-ROM 2012.


Contains photographs of ships built at C D Holmes Shipyard, Beverley and Drypool, taken by Walter Fussey and Son nd. [c.1970s] and 'Boston Fury' trawler model photographs and video CD-ROM 2015.

nd. [c.1970s]-2015

Contains log books 1863-1946, managers' minute book 1945-1974, Evening Institute enrollment forms for dressmaking course 1946, correspondence and other papers file 1923-1944, also contains Spurn Point School log book 1893-1945, digital records 1863-1974


Includes Cherry Burton Golf Club photograph album 1993-2012, Captain's Day (men) photographs DVD-ROM 2010 and 2011, Cherry Burton Golf Club video clip DVD-ROM 2012, Cherry Burton Golf and Social Club minutes (incomplete) 2006-2013, Ladies Section Annual General Meeting minutes (incomplete) 2003-2013 Ladies Section Committee minutes 2007-2011, Ladies Section photograph albums 1997-2002 and Ladies Section competition books 2007-2016, miscellaneous documents files 2000-2018, bills and receipts 2012-2013


Contains Andy Hall, Hutton, COVID-19 lockdown activities diary (digital copy) 2020


Contains Memories of The White Horse Inn ('Nellies'), Beverley, by Bill Wilson ('Beverley Bill') oral history (audio recording) nd.[c.1980s]


Contains Shelagh Wallace essay with photographs of experiences at Carnaby during Covid-19 lockdown (digital copy) 2020, Covid-19 lockdown walks near Fraisthorpe photographs (digital copies) 2020


Contains Beverley Civil Defence street plan nd. [c.1940s], Beverley Heritage Centre records file 1968-1983, Beverley Waltham Lane residents Covid-19 lockdown experiences essay (digital copy) Sep 2020, memoirs of a young mother in Beverley 1973-1986, Friends of Beverley Minster School minute book 1980-1981, 'The Yawn' Kelvin Hall School magazines 1982-1983

nd. [1940s]-2020

Contains 'Driffield' slideshow video 1988.


Contains The Garden Family 2021 fund raising calendar 2020, 'The Garden Family' booklet by Karen Simpkin 2020, 'Beverley Life' newspaper article 2020, Garden Family digital photographs 2020, Beverley Podcast interview with Karen Simpkin 2020, Beverley Podcast interview with Katie Ritchie 2020


Contains Lynne Curtin, Wetwang, Covid-19 poems (digital copies) 2020


Contains Josephine Connelly Covid-19 poem and written prose (digital copies) 2021, 'The Beverley Bounce' poem (digital copy) 2021.


Contains 'The history of fishing cobles: how they are used today' audio recording Dec 2014 and 'Music played at Beverley Minster from the 12th-16th centuries' audio recording 2015. 'Ottringham Calling' Dec 2013. Originally deposited as CD-ROMs.


Contains log books 1896-1997, admissions register 1878-1946, punishment book 1951-1957, maintenance of property record book 1950-1981, stock book 1905-1957, returns 1921-1964 , photographs 1919-2000s and news cuttings 1977-1990, digital records 1896-1997


Includes Ganton Special School video 1999-2000, East Riding and Hull events DVD-ROM, [late 1970s-1990], photographs [c.1990s-2000s], correspondence 2016, PAD Construction and Richard Austin Builders material 2009-2014, Cherry Burton School circular 2001 and photographs 2000 and 2001, aerial photographs of Leconfield Road, Cherry Burton, Beverley Grammar School photograph 2004, campaign leaflets for James Slingsby for Cherry Burton Parish Council, newscuttings for Ted Winkler and Hedon Penny, Inn signs booklet 1950s, council brochure for children with special needs, local business leaflets, 'Burton Agnes Hall' video cassette 1989 and DVD-ROM copy nd. [c.2015]


Contains minutes and constitution file 1999-2013, general correspondence file 2001-2013, annual reports and audits 1992-2013, accounts book 1992-2013, bank statements file 2010-2013, project files and records mainly relating to Butler's Gap work and 'Minster Environs' sculptures 1993-2011, Duke of York's Community Initiative plaque 2007, Howden Town Forum DVD-ROM 2003-2013.


Contains 'Old Photographs of Burton Pidsea' video nd. [c.1870s-1950s], 'Burton Pidsea 1953 & 1954' events video 1953-1954

nd. [c.1870s-1950s]

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