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Originally deposited as a CD-ROM. Contains video footage of school trips to the seaside, Flamborough 1957, York, and a waterfall (possibly Mallyan Spout, North Yorkshire) nd. [1950s]. Also includes footage of sports day events, including the wheelbarrow race, high jump, skipping and sprinting nd. [1950s]. Duration: 9 minutes Timing. Action on film: Visit to York (00:15) Trip to York, picnic on banks of the River Ouse (00:43) Walking the city wall (00:54) View of York Minster (01:27) [The Shambles] street view Visit to Flamborough Head (01:38) New title screen 'School trip to Flamborough, 1957' (02:17) View of Flamborough Head (02:45) Boats stored on stepped style slip arrangement (03:20) View of headland showing caves and stacks (03:42) Film changes from black and white to colour (04:46) View of a waterfall, possibly Mallyan Spout, North Yorkshire (05:11) View of an unidentified town square and castle Sports Day (05:25) Film returns to black and white with a view of the high jump event (06:02) View of announcers and readings (06:10) View of 100m races, including sprints, sack, skipping, wheelbarrow, relay (07:39) Team scores: 'Australia' 249, 'Canada' 185, 'New Zealand' 253 and 'South Africa' 253 (07:43) Prize giving ceremony Public access copy available on Preservica: (Search 'DDX1308/1')


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