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This oratorio was performed by four members of Hedon Church choir, including Mark [Gowndrewer-Kingdom] and Bernard Smithson of Driffield. Mrs Briggs was the organist. The principals were Kenneth Gravel, bass, and Mr Riley, tenor. The solos were by Miss Diane Wilson, Miss Margot Tennison, Peter May and Geoffrey Spink. The blessing was given by W M Clark, rector. Timing: (01:40) 'And they came to a place named Gethsemane'. (02:24) 'The Agony'. (09:15) 'Processional to Cavalry' (organ solo). (11:26) 'Fling wide the gates'. (18:16) 'And when they were come'. (19:13) 'The mystery of the divine humiliation'. (22:34) 'He made himself of no reputation'. (23:34) 'The majesty of the divine humiliation'. (27:50) 'And as Moses lifted up the Serpent'. (28:58) 'God so loved the world'. (32:35) 'Litany of the Passion'. (35:30) 'Jesus said, 'Father, forgive them'. (36:19) 'So thou liftest thy divine petition'. (40:56) 'The mystery of the intercession'. (46:36) 'And one of the malefactors'. (48:42) 'The adoration of the crucified'. (50:39) 'When Jesus therefore saw his Mother'. (53:12) 'Is it nothing to you?' (54:10) 'The appeal of the crucified'. (59:31) 'After this, Jesus knowing that all things were now accomplished'. (1:01:15) 'For the love of Jesus'. (1:03:55) The Reverend R M Clark thanks the principal singers and the choir. (1:07:13) The congregation sing hymn 111, 'Oh Sacred Head, Surrounded'. Film and Sound Archive access copy available onsite in the Audio-Visual Room

3 Apr 1960

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