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Originally deposited as a 16mm silent colour film (transferred to Yorkshire Film Archive) (00:17) A view of the stage decorated with white hyacinths. There is a table with cups waiting to be presented. A cardinal joins the others on the stage. (00:27) Some older boys are presented with certificates, books or cups. They bow to the cardinal as they pass him on the stage. (01:28) The camera pans across the other worthies sitting on the stage. (01:40) Another cardinal stands outside. He seems to be throwing coins to a group of schoolchildren. There is a Union Jack and some oversize bunting attached to the brick wall behind him. (01:45) Some sack races. The camera is behind the finishing line. (02:43) The cardinal who distributed the coins is presenting cups to the winners of the sack races. (02:59) Some parents milling about on the sports field. Public access copy available on Preservica: (Search 'DDMA/140')


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