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Originally deposited as a DVD-ROM. Timing. Action on film: (00:38) 1910 Map of Burton Pidsea. (00:49) Aerial photographs of the village. (01:47) The Mill in Green Lane. (01:56) Willie Stephenson's threshing machines from c.1920. (02:00) Willie Stephenson. (02:06) A traction engine parked in front of the Mill. (02:11) The Mill. (02:15) The engine room at the Mill. (02:20) Bramhill House. (02:25) The Dent family who lived and farmed at Bramhill House. (02:35) Two servants on the lawn of Bramhill House. (02:42) A typescript of Frank Dent's obituary. (03:00) An aerial view of Jubilee Lane, originally called West Lane, then Butt Lane, and finally Jubilee Lane, after Jubilee Cottage. (03:16) Ivy Farm house. (03:31) A view through the farm yard to Jubilee Cottage. (03:37) Bob Southgate as a young man. (03:44) Ivy House Farm. (03:53) A view of Ivy House Farm across a field being excavated for new houses to be built. (04:08) Back Lane, once known as Townside Road. Solomon's Cottage is on the left and Cadger Row is on the right. (04:36) Mr Edward Cornell Caley. (04:41) Emma Mary Smith. (04:46 [Edward's mother, Hanna Caley]. (04:53) Mr E.C. Caley driving one of the engines made by his company the Owstwick Steam Threshing Company. (05:01) Albert Johnson threshing beans in Burstwick Road. (05:05) Bee hives kept at Solomon's Cottage by Peter Caley. (05:14) Grays Garth House, built in 1818 for Mr Issac Raines, a surgeon and apothecary. For a period in the 1850s it was known as Burton Hall. (05:31) Some members of the Women's Institute on the lawn at Garys Garth House. Identified in the photograph are Hilda Woodhouse, Mrs Wright, Laura Bromby, Amy Lawson, Mrs Wright, Ethel Brown, Mrs Hibbert, Doris Coates, Freda Woodhouse, [Mrs Paulin] and Mrs Mason. (05:41) Keldy Cottage, built around 1800. (05:47) Dr Watts-Waters, a police surgeon, and his wife, on 3rd June 1953. Their house is decorated to celebrate the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. (05:52) The Paddocks, built as a farm house in 1829 and owned by Mr Edward Baxter. (06:12) An area west of the Chestnuts. (06:23) The Chestnuts, a former farmhouse, built c.1800 by William Harland. (06:28) Mr Frank Rawson, landlord of the Nancy Inn in 1953, cutting the first sod for the Memorial Hall. (06:33) Don Rawson, his son who died in the Second World War. (06:42) Don Rawson's name on the war Memorial at Runnymede. (00:45) The Memorial Hall, built between 1953 and 1954. Tommy Harrison and a group of friends raised the funds to build it. (06:56) A document describing the history of the Memorial Hall. (07:05) A group of regulars at a barbeque: Frank Dent, Biz Harrison, Bill Airey, Tommy Harrison, Albert Lawson , Doug Snowdon and Waldon Thompson. (07:18) The Annual Pig and Cake Ball. Martin and Paddy Johnson are the front two carrying in the pig. (07:27) Pig and Cake guests including Bob Leonard, Frank Dent, Tommy Harrison, J. Harriot and T. Asquith. (07:39) Doug and Shirley Snowley at the Tramp's Ball, which was held at the Memorial Hall. (07:45) The Burton Pidsea Players: Sandra Webster, Moira Richardson, Alex Adams, Tony Mann, Linda Watt, Margaret Spencer, Sylvia Lakeman, Jenny [Lowson], Elizabeth Ely, Lynn Bielby, Judy Harrison, Lynda Danby, Caroline Johnson, Nora Garton, Andrea Smith, Elsie Morgan and Graham Bielby. (07:53) Arthur Batehup's prefab. Standing outside are Mary Garton, Nancy Richardson, Edna Batehup, and Marjorie Garton. (08:00) Edna and Arthur Batehup outside their prefab holding baby Rosemary. Peering through the window are Nancy Richardson and Stuart [Batehup]. (08:09) Mrs Watts-Waters at a wedding. The prefabs are in the background. (08:16) Planting a tree to mark the opening of the extension to the Memorial Hall. Bob Jackson, Tom Asquith, Ron Wray, Biz Harrison, Tom Brabbins and Doug Snowley are in the photograph. (08:27) Bert Garton on his grey Ferguson tractor. (08:39) An aerial view of the village. (08:51) 'Lovely Cottage', winner of the grand National in 1946, with his jockey Captain R.C. Petre. (09:03) White Gables in 1936, when it was a shop and post office. Outside are Peter Caley and his aunt Emily Jane. (09:19) Chatt House in Carr Road, originally built in 1750 for Mr Phillip Chatt. (09:44) Tommy [Harrison] in 1941. (09:50) Speakers and guests at a Chatt House garden party. (10:00) The 'elders' of the village - Jack Maston, Kenneth Hibbert, Reverend Coats, George Hunt, Cam Connor, Eddie Harland and Tommy Harriosn. (10:21) A home produce stall at the garden party. (10:31) Boys waiting for the May Queen, Doreen Atkinson. (10:39) Gillian Thompson and Marylin Woodhouse with the May Queen. (10:52) In this picture the May Queen was Jennifer Richardson. (10:59) in this photograph the May Queen is Wendy McCreaddie. Her attendants are Joyce Haythorpe, followed by Irene Hames. (11:04) Angela Asquith, Camille Wray, Susan Richardson, Wendy McCredie, Queen Margaret Ford and Valerie Cross. The man with the cigar is Ken Hibbert. (11:13) In this photograph are Maureen McCreaddie, Rosemary Batehup, Miss Airey, the May Queen is Nancy Johnson, Kathryn Thompson and Angela Taylor. (11:25) Joanne Margerum presents some flowers at a Chatt House Garden party in 1973. (11:30) Joanne Margerum at a guitar concert during the 1976 Garden party. (11:36) A diving competition. (11:49) Julian Webster being presented with second prize the a diving competition. (11:54) Nick Webster receiving first prize. (11:58) Joanne Margerum, the 1992/3 Carnival Queen with her attendants Tina Houson and Sally Jewitt. (12:14) Copy of the forward to 'The Burton Pidsea Story', written by Thomas Harrison to mark the opening of the Memorial Hall extension in 1974. (12:22) Tommy Harrison and Ronnie Wray on the oak bench presented to Tommy in 1959. (12:31) The Anglo-Saxon cross pendant found at Grays Garth Farm by Ronnie Wray. (12:38) Flora Cottage, later Manor Lodge and now called Scatterbrook Cottage. Beatrice Cousins with her grandparents. (12:52) The Bungalow built c.1920. It has been replaced by a brick bungalow called Manor Farm Bungalow. (13:02) An aerial photograph of Manor Farm. (13:10) The Manor House, an 18th century grade 2 listed building . (13:17) Thatched Cottage, situated on the lane leading to South Farm. (13:22) A later aerial view of Thatched Cottage. (13:28) Mr Latus who lived at Thatched Cottage. (13:33) An aerial view showing Carr House, Carr Cottage and Nancy Row, in the 1930s. (13:47) The Gate House, otherwise known as Elm Tree Cottage. (14:00) The approach to Burton Pidsea from the West. This photograph was taken on 26th May 1919. (14:07) Blacksmith's Row. The blacksmith stands on the left. (14:16) Frank Rawson and his son at the door to the forge. (14:23) Charlie Wright, his son Alan and their dog Towser, in their new Austin lorry in 1947. They are parked in Blacksmiths Row. (14:28) John Wright sitting in the Wright Carrier's cart in 1930 in front of the Blacksmith's smithy. (14:35) A postcard of Burton Pidsea showing Chapel Street (now Main Road), with the Wesleyan Chapel built in 1847. (14:40) The Chapel and the dwelling house beyond it. The house was originally the Poor House. (14:44) The Chapel with children standing outside. (14:57) The Chapel in the 1970s. (15:00) A [Victorian] photograph of the butcher's shop opposite the chapel. (15:05) Frank Rawson outside Ivy Cottage with his dog. They are sitting in his pony and trap. The pony is called Nellie and the dog is Jack. Ivy Cottage has a plaque stating that is was built in 1792. (15:14) A postcard of the view west along Chapel Street. (15:19) A Sunday outing, possibly to Withernsea. Local farmers would provide cart and men to drive them. (15:31) Standing outside Clematis cottage are an unknown person, Eva Walker, Joe Ellis and Ted Walker. (15:34) Marr's Cottage, built in 1893. (15:38) The Brew House in 1909. (15:43) Another chapel trip. The carts are lined up outside the Black Bull. (15:54) Bland Medforth and his family stand outside the Black Bull. Mr Medforth was a publican, farmer and butcher. He and his family lived at Danthorpe Hall. (16:06) The Black Bull on a snowy day, and a later photograph of it, after some renovation. (16:22) Three boys, Gerald Walker, John Mackinder and Bert Garton, in Glebelands, behind the Black Bull. (16:28) The floods on 25th June 2007. (16:42) Church Street, formerly Kirkholme. The school, the Nancy Inn and the Church can be seen. (17:09) Burton Pidsea County Primary School, originally built as the Poor House in 1830. It was remodelled as a schoolmaster's house in 1860. (17:14) A Tea Committee at the School, which was used for other purposes. In the photograph are Lily Screeton, Annie Atkinson, Doris Johnson, Margaret Ness, Joan Hayton, Eva Rawson, Dorothe[sic] Medforth, Clara Cross, Peggy Lawson, Cecily Rawson and Eva Walker. (17:26) Another Tea Committee in 1947 - Doris Johnson, Ada Taylor, Shirley Pauling, Clara Cross and Lilly Screeton. (17:36) The cast of a play performed at the school - Clara Cross and Shirley Pauling can be seen in this photograph. (17:43) A dance held at the school in 1950. Those named in the photograph are June Wright, Ted Walker, [Eva Walker], [Jim Hebblewhite], Herbert Woodhouse, Joan Webster, [Mrs Barclay]. Phyllis Wright, Barbara Atkinson, Sheila Mason, Doreen Atkinson, Valerie Cross, Clara Cross, Joe Wray, [Kathleen Airey], Norah Ford, Valerie Makey, Frank Barclay, Arthur Batchup, Stan Ream, Bernard Walker, Eddie Screeton, [Bill Airely], Dot Hebblewhite, Wilden Thompson, Cecily Rawson, Nancy Wright, [Hilda Hodgson], Ena Walker, Marie Woodhouse, Joan Airey and Wendy Airey. (18:03) Burton Pidsea Brass Band in 1919 - This was their last performance in Glebelands. Present were Richmond Cousins, Isaac Cousins, Tom Wright, [Mr Grissdale, J. Barnes, Robert Cousins, Mr Raman, Arthur Cottsea, George Broom, Harry Browse Kneeling and Alfred Cousins.] (18:20) Mr and Mrs Arthur Cousins, Mr Lee and Herbert Garton. (18:24) This photograph was taken in 1889. Outside the shop is Tommy Wright. His son Tommy is also on the pavement. (18:39) A snowy day on Church Street. (18:47) Les Bulmer in the garden of his home, The Cottage, which was next to the Post Office on Church Street. (18:51) The Nancy Inn on a snowy day. (19:04) An old print of Nancy the racehorse with her owner Mr Thomas Lister and Joseph Kendall, her jockey. This print used to hang in the Nancy Inn. (19:14) Another print of the same horse. (19:19) A third print of Nancy with Mr Job Marson Junior her trainer and Mr Job Marson Senior. (19:25) The Vicarage built in 1871 by William Botherill. (19:30) Three photographs of St Peter and St Pauls Church, a grade I listed building. (19:45) Aerial photographs of parts of Church Street. (20:02) An aerial view of Church Street where the Holderness Plough Foundry dominates the photograph. (20:17) Stan Townsend, who was once an engineer at the Foundry. (20:21) Photographs documenting the redevelopment of the foundry site. The foundry closed in 1988 and was replaced by houses. (20:40) Various school photographs of Burton Pidsea Primary School. The first two images seem to be of school plays from the [1940s]. (21:05) Some class photographs from Burton Pidsea School in 1919. (21:26) Burton Pidsea Dancers at North Cave in 1934. Identified in the photograph are Harold Barclay, Miss Winifred Mason (1897-1968), John MacKinder, Enid Legood, Arthur Legood, Amy Hoe, Marion Wray, George Barclay, Jean Barker, Kathleen Johnson, Elsie Binley, Eric Walker, Kathleen Makey, Miss Moles (1882-1961), Cyril Percival, Nellie Binley, Betty Rawson, Gwen Johnson, Doris Floater, Ellen Southgate, Mary Richardson, Elsie Floater, Alan Mackinder, Dorothy Pickering, Walter Brown, [Brenda Medforth], Donald Rawson, Leslie Bannister and Frank Barclay. (21:35) Burton Pidsea County Primary School Football Team in the 1930s - John Mackinder, Arthur Leegood Eddie or Lennie Johnson (sic), Arthur Bird George Barclay, Harold Barclay, Alwyn Medforth, Eric Binley, John Martin, Arthur Hodgson and George Makey. (21:44) A class photograph taken around 1948 - Miss Mason, Phyllis Wright, Dorothy Harland, Nora Ford, June Wright, Valerie Smith, Doreen Atkinson, Pat Clarke, Margaret Screeton, Sheila Maston, Barbara Atkinson, Ann Stamford, Richard Atkinson, A.Medforth, Grenville Makey, Brian Makey and Kenneth Myers. (21:54) Identified in this undated school photograph are Mr Tom Asquith, (teacher), John Lowson, George Cross, Wendy Woodhouse, Joyce Woodhouse, Maureen Mccreaddie, Jill Dent, Angela Asquith, Beryl Grassby, Michael Barker, Harry or Ernie Hames (sic), Angela Taylor, Katherine Airey, Joyce Bay, Marion Goldsborough, Dorothy James, Anne Garner, Jennifer Richardson, Wendy Finlay, Sylvia Airey, Stuart Richardson, Brian Floater, Malcolm Freeman, David Purvis, Acey, John Stamford and Richard Richardson. (22:19) Undated school photograph - the names listed in the bottom margin are - Alan Mackinder, Frank Barclay, Mick Johnson, Ken Cook, Ted Harland, Ted Makey, Gordon Lawson, Marjorie Garton, Nancy Marrit, Elsie Richardson, Knowles, Geral Walker, Mason, John Wright, Mary Harland, Stanley Wright, Joan Wright, Mary Norman Ness, Charles Henry, Roy Medforth, Peter Caley, Knowles, Bannister, Makey, Ken Floater and Edward Lawson. (22:29) Burton Pidsea Council School 1930 - listed on the photograph are Ronnie Wright, Edward Richardson, George Hodgson, Fred Hodgson, Harold Mackinder, Leslie Bulmer, Gertrude Barclay, Laura (Peggy) Hodgson, Beatrice Legood, Clara Barclay, Betty Wright, Ruby Makey, Kathlee Makey, Amy Hoe, Clifford Richardson, Charlie Beadle, Freddie Ford, Gwen Richardson, Joan Pickering, Doris Floater, Joyce Martin, Dorah Legood, Kathleen Johnson, George Mackey, Arthur Legood, Johnny Martin, Eric Walker, Peter Mason and Harold Barclay. (22:40) Purton Pidsea County Primary School 1952. No names supplied. (22:57) Unnamed school photographs from the [1930s]. (23:42) School photograph from the [1940s] - Cyril Rudland,(teacher), Tommy Wright, Clive Richardson, Edwin Atkinson, Michael Richardson, Colin Makey, Ian Gutteridge, Peter Atkinson, Alan Kirk, Susan Richardson, Kathryn Thompson, Marylyn Woodhouse, CliveBromby, John Hodgson, David Floater, Carol Scarborough, Irene Hames, Christine Johnson, Betty Thompson, Christine Todd, Gillian Arksey, Joyce Haythorpe and Susan Butler. (23:52) 1935 Burton Pidsea County Primary School - Miss Gray (teacher), Leslie Bannister, Cyril Percival, Peter Mason, Fred Grindle, Freddie Ford, Charlie Beadle, Joyce Martin, Harold Medforth, Bob Southgate, Leonard Wright, Herbert Garton, Walter Brown, Dorothy Pickering, Elsie Floater, Jean Barker, Mary Richardson, Kathleen Ness and Gwen Johnson. (24:03) The King and Queens's 1910-1935 Silver Jubilee photograph of pupils from Burton Pidsea County School. No names are supplied. (24:13) The Infants Class 1941 - Joan Groundfell, Raymond Hoe, Dennis Wright, Raymond Kemp, Joan Hayton, Sheila Pickering, Zoe Thompson, Marie Woodhouse, June Hoe, Nora Ford, Margaret Ness, Audrey Latus, June Wright, Valerie Makey, Arthur Screeton, Austin Medforth, Binkie the dog, John Quarmby, Maureen Hoe, Dinkie the dog, Dorothy Medforth and Grenville Makey. (24:22) Burton Pidsea pupils at the South Holderness Sports Day [1955]. Listed on the photograph are Wendy Woodhouse, Maureen Mcreaddie, Pat Stamford, Angela Asquith, George Freeman, Joyce Woodhouse, Brian Floater, Makey, Richard Richardson, Malcolm Asquith, Peter Kirby. (24:32) A Sunday School Party in Miss Chews garden in 1940/41. Identified in the photograph are Alan Mackinder, Edith Chew, Mick Wright, Stanley Wright and June Wright, Joan Pickering, Irene Ness, Margaret Ness, Dorothy Medforth, Brenda Medforth, Joan Hayton and Frank Barclay. (24:39) Untitled class groups from the 1950s. (24:58) A school photograph from 1961. Present in the photograph are Colin Makey, Paul Cook, Peter Atkinson, John Makey, Clive Bromby, Alan Rudland, Alan Kirk, Malcolm Makey, David Floater, Ian Gutteridge, Edwin Atkinson, Tommy Wright, Michael Richardson, Marylin Woodhouse, Susan Airey, Christine Todd, Christine Johnson, Susan Butler, Susan Richardson, Irene Hames, Kathryn Thompson and Clive Richardson. (25:17) Unidentified school groups from the [1930s, 1940s and 1950s]. (26:10) A group of Burton Pidsea school children and teachers who were involved in the 1937 Edinburgh Train Crash - Miss Moles, Austin Medforth, Bert Garton, Donald Rawson, Doris Floater, Kathy Makey, John Mackinder, Miss Marston, Harold Barclay, Miss Armstrong and George Barclay (killed in WWII sic). (26:18) School children planting and tidying flowerbeds in preparation for the visit of a group from the Turks and Caico Islands. (26:28) A sign that the headmaster Mr Asquith used to put out when the children were doing a sponsored walk. (26:36) The Rainbows school football team : John Maston, Frank Johnson, Michael Bowker, Eric Johnson, Mick Clarke, Stuart Richardson, Norman Oliver, Alan Nelson, John Stamford, Norman Richardson, Gordon Poole and Ted Stamford. (26:47) A different Rainbows team: Keith Goldsborough, Harold Webster, Michael James, [Philip Craine], Paddy Johnson, Norman Richardson, Ted Stamford, Alan Nelson, John Maston and Mick Clark. (27:02) Adult teams: Burton Pidsea Football Team 1947: Alan Jobling, George Rearn, Peter Caley, Frank Barclay, Albert Marritt, Norman Woodhouse, Ray Medforth, Eddie Screeton, Peter Rumford, Bert Garton and Freddie Laws. (27:11) Burton Pidsea Football Team 1953: Frank Barclay, Stan Rearn, Bernard Walker, Wilf Slaughter, Artie Screeton, Gerald Walker, Tony Pizer, Jim Hebblethwaite, Tom Wenster, Roy Medforth, George Rearn, Wildon Thompson, Eddie Screeton and Tommy Woodhouse. (27:20) The Burton Pidsea Football team who won the South Holderness Cup in 1954: John Hobson, Stan Rearn, Cyril Rudland, Artie Screeton, Phil Coates, Eddie Screeton, Gerald Walker, Referee John Blenkin, Ray Medforth, Tommy Woodhouse, George Rearn and Tony Pizer. (27:28) The visiting touring cricket team from [India] and the local players. Only the local people are listed: Ernie Monkman, Philip Coates, Ted Harland, Frank Barclay, Mervyn Monkman, Eddie Screeton, [Peter Caley, Frank Dent], Doreen Monkman, Herbert Monkman, Joe Crowther, Gilbert Richardson, Shirley Pauling, [Artie Screeton and Lily Screeton or Roy Medforth and Ivy Screeton, sic]. (27:38) Burton Pidsea Football Club - winners of the East Riding County League Cup 1958: Tommy Woodhouse, John Blenkin, Micke Cheeseman, Paddy Johnson, Artie Screeton, Phil Coates, Ron Woodhouse, Stan Rearns, Dave Tillotson, Ted Stamforth and Norman Richardson. (27:48) An undated football team: Stuart Richardson, Artie Screeton, Eric Johnson, Ted Stamforth, Phil Coates, John Blenkin, Dave Whittle, Mick Clark, Tommy Woodhouse, Dennis Blenkin and Carol Coates. (27:56) The local football team from 1960: Nev Sadler, John Blenkin, Phil Coates, Pete Grant, Carol Coates, Norman Richardson, Dave Whittle, Stan Rearn, Chick Hensby, Ted Stamford and Artie Screeton. (28:06) The Burton Pidsea Football Team in 1964: Alan Wright, Artie Screeton, Phil Coates, Denis Medforth, Tony Bickenson, Chick Hensby, Stuart Richardson, Ron Darbyshire, Norman Richardson, Carol Coates and Francis Laws. (28:14) Burton Pidsea Critcket team 1963: Stuart Richardson, Trev Parrish, Alan Wright, George Cross, Tony Bickenson, Artie Screeton, Pete Kirby, Paddy Johnson, Ted Stamforth, Ginger Makey and Alan Carrick. (28:23) Taken at the Black Bull, The Burton Pidsea Cricket Team who were winners of the South Holderness League Cricket Championships in 1981: Gordon Eldon, Geoff Wright, Dave Jeffreys, Derrick Spencer, Kim Baish, Paul Carline, Alan Wright, Artie Screeton, Derrick Bates, Jim Chatterway, Ian Carrick and Joe Waller. (28:33) The Black Bull Cricket Team, who were unbeaten winners of the Knock Out Trophy 1980: Artie Screeton, Geoff Wright, Jo Waller, Derrick Bates, Paul Carline, Alan Carrick, F. Hogg (Umpire), Ken Margerum, Phil Ludgate (Captain), Derrick Spencer and Alan Wright. (28:41) Burton Pidsea Badminton Team: Michael Barker, David Richardson, Dave Haldenby, Ian Carrick, Trevor Lloyd and Mike McQuinne. (28:50) The Black Bull Ladies Darts Team : Barbara Skreeton, Mandy Pyett, Carole Pyett, Moira Richardson, Sandra Webster and Val Margerum. (28:59) The Burton Pidsea ladies Hockey Team of 1975: Moira Richardson, Alex Adams, Kay Lawson, Eileen Rich, Lynn Bielby, Barbara Mackman, Carole Pyett, Julie Curtis, Irene Stephenson, Tina Danby and Mandy Pyett. (29:09) The Black Bull Ladies Darts Team Shield Winners: Mary Richardson, Cath Travis, Carole Pyett, Phyllis Laverack, Lynn Bielby, Michelle Frost and Dawn Walker. (29:17) Burton Pidsea children's football team in the early 1980s: Michael Greenwood, David Tattersall, Martin Wallace, Paul Crouch, Kevin Baron, Dan Brooke, Guy Martinson, Matthew Ludgate, Craig Dayes, David Huddlestone, Steve Grantham, Jonathan Storey, Jonathan Marwood, Lee Baron, Sinon Carline, Andrew King and Matthew Heath. (29:25) Another local children's football team from the early 1980s: Tony Blackwell, David Tattersall, Jonathan Laverack, Martin Hobson, Jonathan Thompson, Andrew King, Paul Crouch, Steve Grantham, Paul Storey, Guy Martinson, Lee Blackwell, Jonathan Marwood, Matthew Ludgate, Simon Carline, Mark Blackwell, Jonathan Storey and Craig Dayes. (29:35) Burton Pidsea Cricket Club: Steve [Kearnon],Mark Rawson, Paul Blakeston, Dan Stephenson, Darren Caley, Jonathan Marwood, Chris Mennel, James Baker, Stewart Willie, Simon Richardson and Paul Norrison. (29:44) A tug of war. The men from the Nancy Inn against the men from the Black Bull. (29:56) An information screen tells us that the founder members of Burton Pidsea and District Bowling club were Terry Lount, Ted Danby, Sally Simpson, Bessie James, Harry James, George Med, Colin Welsh, John Hobson, Albert Sanderson, Bill Tomlinson and Fred Blagg. The green opened on 25th April 1992. (30:07) Various pictures of unnamed Bowling Club members. (31:51) Freda and Frank Barclay. (32:03) Ernie Tilbrook the Chairman of the Bowls Club. (32:13) An Edwardian girl feeding a horse. (32:21) A group of men with horses. Some of the horses have harnesses [for pulling ploughs]. (32:27) Three horses yoked to a harvesting machine. (23:33) Three generations of the Wright family, in 1923 at Blacksmith's Row. Charlie Wright, 1912-1996, Tom Wright, 1848-1937 and Tom Wright, 1881-1937. (32:42) Tommy Wright senior. (32:49) Various scenes of farming life, including: (33:24) Ron Wright, in a photograph taken around 1940. (33:30) Charles Wright in around 1932. (33:36) Cam Connor, Bill Clark, Donald Herring and Ted Stamford. (33:56) Harvest time in 1941: Vivian Harrison, Tommy Harrison, Herbert Richardson, Gordon Layton, Pete Hodgson and Len Shepherd. (34:07) Various photographs of Foster Garton with his horse, his ferrets and his terrier in the 1930s. (34:30) Bert Garon, Foster's son. (34:40) Charles Wright in about 1935. (34:47) Peter Hodgson in 1948 at Blacksmith's Row. (34:53) Albert Johnson at the wheel of a farm tractor. (35:04) The first combine harvester in Burton Pidsea, driven by Herbert Richardson. (35:12) Combine harvesters driven by George Oliver and Bert Garton. (35:23) The 7th East Riding (Withernsea) Home Battalion Guard 'C' Company, pictured outside Chatt House in 1945. (36:03) The same photograph with their mostly illegible names written in the margin. (36:11) The Halsham Division of the Home Guard (36:20) The Royal Observer Corp 1940, including: Len Wright, Len Woodhouse, George Binley, Frank Dent and Charles Wright. (36:29) The Observer Corp in civilian clothes: Foster Garton, Jack Lawson, Ted Walker, Frank Dent, George Richardson, Walter Woodhouse, George Binley, Charles Wright and George Fewlass. (36:39) A certificate awarded to Marjorie Garton on Empire Day 24th May 1940. (36:49) A trip to Bridlington. Walking away from the coach are Ted Stamford, Jean Stamford, David Richardson, Gladys Stamford, John Stamford, Susan Richardson, Vera Richardson and Doreen Southall. (37:02) Another Bridlington trip. We can see Mrs Wray, Kathleen Clark, Marion Brabbins, Ann Stamford, Margaret Clark, Jean Clark and Robin Clark. (37:25) A trip to Sledmere from the Nancy Inn in the early 1940s. Included in the photograph are Ted Makey, Jack Whiting, Frank Barclay, J. Curtis, Mr Hinge, Claud [Moverley], Arthur Leegood, Fred Hodgson, Walt Thompson, George Jobling, Alan Jobling, Charlie Hoe, Albert Marritt, Jessie Thompson, Shirley Pauling, Arthur Messenger, Kath Makey, Bill Lane, Greta Johnson, Eileen Makey, Martha Speed and Bill Atkin. (37:36) A trip to Sledmere from the Crown and Anchor in the early 1940s. Pictured are Ken Floater, Stella Hopper, Mrs T. Wright, George Shepherd, Mrs Shepherd, Freda Shepherd, Mr Purdon, Mrs Hopper, Mr Hopper, Mrs Rollinson, Mr Rollinson, Mrs Rollinson, Mr Rollinson, Jim Rollinson, Len's Girlfriend, Len Wright, Mrs Floater, Polly Nelson, Harold Guy, Herbert Woodhouse, Mrs Purdon, Mr Holmes, Ted Makey, Billy Bangs, Harry Floater, Jack Cross and Mrs Hepplewhite. (37:49) A trip to see some Roman caves, possibly at Matlock. Listed below the photograph are George Oliver, Bert Garton, Steve Gutteridge, Jessie Thompson, Walt Thompson, Bessie Guttridge, Mrs Makey, Kath Hoe and Charlie Hoe. (37:57) The Crown and Anchor at Elstronwick. (38:03) The Crown and Anchor [darts team] winners in the [1950s]: Mrs Forster, Phil Coates, Bert Garton, Lowe[sic], Norman Ream, Albert Forster, Stan Ream, Norman Woodhouse and Artie Stubbs. (38:14) A rear view of the Crown and Anchor at Elstronwick. (38:21) The Nags head Inn, Lelly. (38:59) An information screen lists Freemen of Burton Pidsea: G.T.E. Asquith, G.W. Harriott, F. Hewson, H. Needler and L. Firth. (39:09) Burton Pidsea Darby and Joan Club 1974. Pictured are Mr Monkman, W. Webster, J. Beadle, F. Caley, J. Knowles, G. Freeman, T. Medforth, H. Woodhouse, Mrs Medforth, Mrs Everingham, Mrs Caley, Mrs Woodhouse, Mrs Lawson, Mrs Screeton, Mrs Barclay, Mrs Beadle, Mrs Hodgson, Mrs Knowles, Mrs Turner, Clara Cross, Dorrie Grasby and Doreen Monkman. (39:25) 25th Anniversary of the Derby and Joan Club in 1977. Listed as in the picture are Albert Thompson, John Hobson, Tom Copman, Alice Kirby, Beatie Hooson, Ron Morgan, Chris Loft, Doreen Monkman, Alice Copeman, Elsie Wright, Marjorie McBeth, Murial (sic) Richardson, Bessie James, Ray Tennsion , Myra Potter and Olive Curtis. (39:35) 1988. Ladies in receipt of WRVS Long Service Medals: Doreen Grasby, Gladys Dixon, Doreen Monkman, Minnie McCreaddie and Betty Southgate. (39:42) Nora Garth receiving her WRVS Long Service medal. (39:55) A press cutting of Doreen Monkman with her MBE at Buckingham Palace. With her are Jean Monkman, Graham Monkman and Albert Thompson. (40:00) Doreen Monkman talking to H.M. the Queen as she receives her MBE. (40:05) Doreen with other Derby and Joan Club members: Bill Tomlinson, Tom Copeman, Albert Thompson, Frank Hogg, Mr Peck and Ray Tennison. (40:14) Alexis Tattersall receiving her MBE from the Queen in 2010. (40:27) Doris Johnson celebrating her 100th birthday on 4th June 2007. (40:38) John Raymond Tennison, born in 1913. Public access copy available on Preservica: (Search 'DDX2032/1')

nd. [c.1870s-1950s]

Originally deposited as a DVD-ROM. Timing. Action on film: (00:14) "Nearly 60 years ago, Tom Harrison of Chatt House asked me to make an 8mm film showing Burton Pidsea residents at the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, at the pageant which showed Ron Wray's 'Burton Pidsea Story' and also showing the building and opening of the Burton Pidsea Memorial Hall. This is that film - Peter Caley." (00:36) "Reel 1: The Village seen from the Church Tower." (02:59) "Reel 2: June 2nd 1953 - Going to watch the Coronation on a TV in the Church, tree planting and afterwards a drink outside the Nancy [Inn]." (03:33) Tree planting. (04:07) A man scything grass in a field. There are prefabs in the background. (06:15) A [windmill] with the sails missing. (11:46) Villagers going towards the Church to watch the Coronation on TV. (15:54) Planting a commemorative tree. (16:51) A man unveils a plaque in the Churchyard. It reads: "Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. The people of Burton Pidsea planted 300 trees, AD 1953." (17:43) Drinking outside the Nancy Inn. (18:30) "Reel 3: The Burton Pidsea Pageant at Chatt House, Ron Wray's 'History of Burton Pidsea' ". (18:58) Children and adults in historic garb re-enact various scenes in the garden of Chatt House. (28:56) This includes some Second World War enactments. (29:56) A young man in horse racing silks is lead in on a horse. (30:42) Adults dressed in the uniforms of the armed services lead a parade of villagers wearing historic costumes from various periods. (32:17) "Reel 4..." (33:05) Blessing the new Church Gates. (34:05) Blessing the site of the new Memorial Hall. (34:47) Cutting the first sod at the new Memorial Hall site. (35:58) A cricket match. (36:31) A beautiful baby contest at Chatt House. (37:51) Digging the footings and erecting the Memorial Hall. (46:04) The front entrance of the newly completed Memorial Hall. (46:19) A Union Jack with the words "Memorial Hall" printed across the bottom, is flying in the grounds of the new Memorial Hall. (48:08) "Reel 5..." (50:24) The opening of the new Burton Pidsea Memorial Hall in 1954. (52:15) People [in the new Memorial Hall] are playing a quiz, possibly a local version of "What's my Line?". A board with the name 'Viggo Jensen' is being held ip. (53:19) A choir of young women are singing. (54:03) A memorial tablet which reads: "To the memory of H.B. HARLAND E.STAMFORD W.J.WALKER and in honour of those who served in the First World War. " (54:02) A second memorial tablet reads: "This Hall was erected as a Memorial to the men and women of Burton Pidsea who served in the Second World War and to honour G.BARCLAY L.BULMER D.W.RAWSON who made the supreme sacrifice." (54:22) A third tablet tells us: "BURTON PIDSEA MEMORIAL HALL. This Hall was opened by the Right Hon the Earl of Shrewsbury and [Waterford] on March 31st 1954." Public access copy available on Preservica: (Search 'DDX2032/2')


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