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Originally deposited as a film reel (see DDX1679/1) This film has only music on the soundtrack. Timing. Action on film: (00:16) Some views of the coast at Spurn Head. (02:15) A small black and white bird in someone's hand. (02:26) Spurn Head Lighthouse from the sea. (02:48) The beach. (03:31) [St Patrick's Church, Patrington]. (03:41) Parish Church of St Mary, Welwick. (04:01) Skeffling sign post. (04:23) [All Saints Church, Halsham]. (04:27) Easington Church. (04:34) Easington Post Office. (04:48) Sign post to 'Seashore' and Kilnsea. (04:52) Plaque on the wall of [Warren Cottage] with 'Committee on Ornithology' visible on it. Also at (13:01). (05:09) A bird in someone's hand. (05:13) A pub sign for the Crown and Anchor [Kilnsea]. (05:32) [Birdwatchers] making their way across a field and other landscape views with people in them. (06:20) The road sign for Patrington. (06:33) A bird's nest on the ground. It contains some speckled eggs. More landscapes. (07:04) A group of 6 birdwatchers. (07:20) Views of the seashore, including another bird's nest. (08:51) A birdwatcher with a telescope. More seascapes and landscapes with birdwatchers. (11:08) A warning sign about a minefield. Further landscape shots. (11:50) A group of [birdwatchers] with a sign about 'Work in progress'. More landscape scenes, some with people in them. (13:14) Spurn Head Lighthouse. (13:41) The back view of the lifeboat cottages. (13:56) The lifeboatman's lookout hut. (14:10) The lighthouse from the road. (14:22) A map of the area north of Spurn Head. (14:47) The lighthouse and some of the nearby buildings in silhouette. The lamp of the lighthouse. Public access copy available in Audio-Visual room.

nd. [c.1950s]

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