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Originally deposited as a DVD-ROM. Timing. Action on film: (This film has only background music on the soundtrack until 31:30) (00:14) Title screen: Beverley High School 100 years, September 1908 - September 2008. (00:28) Still images of life at home and at school for a girl in 1908. (01:04) Title screen: 1958 Golden Jubilee Film. (01:19) The school grounds during an open day. The girls and their parents are walking around. (02:59) Some of the girls are giving a gymnastics and dancing display in the grounds. (05:26) The gardener is mowing the lawn. (05:34) A gymnastics display involving a vaulting horse. (07:34) People going into St Mary's Church, including a crocodile of schoolgirls. (08:45) Title screen: 1968 Diamond Jubilee. (08:55) Some large cakes commemorating the Jubilee. (09:06) The [Headmistess] cutting the cake. Then catering staff carve up the cakes, while the girls are eating it. (09:49) The girls do the washing up. (10:58) The girls are going into St Marys Church. A mistress in a gown and mortar board goes in. Parents are also attending the service. (13:08) A mistress is dressed as an Edwardian teacher. She acts out a scene with some girls dressed as Edwardian schoolgirls, with straw boaters. (13:37) Some of the girls are dressed as boys. They are acting out another Edwardian scene. (14:19) Some girls dressed as suffragettes. (14:29) Girls in modern dress act out a protest march. (14:58) The suffragettes and modern protesters have joined together. (14:22) Pupils in mini skirts seem to be having a prize-giving. (16:36) The girls are going into a shed to collect some pets: hamsters, guinea pigs and rats, to take home. (17:21) Girls getting drinks from a machine. (18:06) The gardener raking some leaves. (18:16) The groundsmen are moving furniture. (18:34) Title screen: 1963 Diamond Jubilee Slide Collection. (18:47) The School grounds with a lawn and rose beds. (19:00) The School grounds from the back of Norwood House. (19:06) A modern building in the School grounds. (19:15) A view across a large lawn to various school buildings (19:25) Two large trees dominate a playing field. (19:36) A path leading through rose bushes and a lawned area. (19:45) A paved garden with a large stone trough. (19:51) A view of a lawn with Norwood House in the background. (19:57) the front of Norwood House. (20:05) Some interior views of Norwood House. (20:26) A panel of cherubs heads over the fireplace at Norwood House, and an elaborate plasterwork ceiling. (20:46) The kitchen at [Norwood House]. (20:54) A statue in the garden. (21:00) The back of Norwood House, lawns and rose beds, a playing field, several slides of tall trees and a playing field with tennis nets. (21:52) A wooden-clad outbuilding. (21:58) A gardener standing proudly in a greenhouse. Coleus plants in the greenhouse. (22:14) A floral display in a fireplace at Norwood House. (22:22) Modern outhouses. (22:29) Girls painting watercolours. (22:32) A pottery class. (22:42) Visitors applauding as a cake is cut, and then standing at a running buffet. (22:54) A cake with the school crest on it and other cakes celebrating the school's 1968 Diamond Jubilee. (23:10) Ttitle screen: 1983 Birthday Slide Collection. (23:22) School Assembly. (23:24) Bell-ringing. (23:33) Girls assembled in the school grounds. Their house banners are on display. (23:40) A group in blue uniform dresses. (23:47) Two girls in the school library. (23:53) A line-up of four girls in the school grounds. (23:59) Some girls on swings, possibly on a school trip. (24:05) Girls sitting on the ground, eating. There are snow-topped mountains in the background. (24:09) Three girls modelling life jackets. (24:17) A large cruise ship moored at the dockside. (24:24) Girls in the on-board swimming pool. (24:34) A group of girls are toasting with drinks. (24:45) A group of girls in a foreign town. (24:52) Paddling in a large pond. (24:57) A large group of girls posing outside a Swiss chalet type building. (25:06) Two younger girls with white doves, other girls with a [hawk] and a girl holding a young fox. (25:24) A school group with a male teacher standing by a coach and another group outside a historic building. (25:46) A group of girls sitting on a hill. (25:35) A girl wearing an anorak lies sleeping on the ground. (26:03) Two groups in old-fashioned clothes. (26:14) Some girls with 'animal' hats on. (26:20) Girls in fancy dress. One of them has her leg in plaster. (26:28) Three girls in leotards, doing the splits. (26:35) A P.E. lesson. (26:42) A girl on a trampoline. (26:49) A swimming lesson. (26:59) Girls with hockey sticks. (27:01) Girls and young men with hockey sticks. (27:11) A series of groups with hockey sticks, some in fancy dress. (27:36) A singing lesson. (27:44) A series of slides of girls playing various musical instruments. (28:04) An event in the school grounds. (28:11) The headmistress makes a speech. (28:18) A yellow RAF helicopter in the school grounds. (28:26) A man conducting a small orchestra. (28:32) Dinner ladies in the canteen. (28:39) Girls lining up to collect their school lunches. (28:47) A large tree in the school grounds. (28:54) A tractor in the grounds. (29:01) A crane lifts pieces of prefabricated building. (29:17) A playing field, with the site where a building once stood. (29:20) Some slides of an outbuilding being demolished. (30:32) Some slides of the school grounds in the snow. (31:00) Two young girls looking across at a large group of people in the school grounds. (31:09) An older, cream-painted school building. (31:13) The school orchestra/ (31:22) Girls looking at some large commemorative cakes. (31:30) Title screen: One Day in the Life of Beverley High School 1983, 75th Birthday. ( This section has sound.) (31:43) Some girls crossing Norwood to come into school. (32:33) Junior assembly. (33:55) A French class. (39:32) A break between lessons. Some girls queue at a tuck stall. (40:06) A needlework class. (40:18) In a cookery lesson. (41:03) An art class. (41:34) The canteen at lunch time. (41:56) Some girls playing tennis in the school grounds. (42:21) A fencing lesson. (43:10) Indoor badminton. (42:14) Rounders on the playing field. (44:13) Studying in the library. (44:19) The grounds on a summer day. (45:19) A teacher is organising girls to get them ready for their buses home. Mr Robinson, a male teacher, is there. (46:55) A choir from the school are singing on a TV programme, accompanied by a lady on the piano. An adjudicator makes some comments. (52:16) Sports Day 23rd May 1984. (52:49) A hurdles race. (53:37) Running a race. (56:45) Some obstacle races. (59:22) The long jump. (1:00:00) a foot race. (1:00:32) The teachers take part in an egg and spoon race. (1:00:48) A foot race with stepped starting points. (1:02:10) The high jump. (1:02:51) Miss Clover, the headmistress announces the winners. (1:03:05) Susan Hernshaw, an ex-pupil who was a successful athlete, hands out the prizes. The head girl makes a speech, and Susan makes one. (1:07:46) Title screen: A Day At Beverley High School 1984. (1:07:49) Some girls are crossing Norwood in the way into school. (1:08:36) Going into school. (1:09:22) A school assembly. (1:17:51) A gardener mows the lawn. (1:18:04) In the school library. (1:19:12) A singing lesson. (1:22:13) The Tuck Shop at break time. (1:23:16) Inside the changing room. (1:23:45) Playing hockey.(There is distortion on the soundtrack from here to the end of the film. ) (1:27:41) The canteen. (1:31:38) Lunchtime games in the school grounds. (1:32:20) Gymnastics. (1:35:18) A cookery lesson. (1:39:00) A science lesson about making ripples in water and light refraction. (1:41:52) Netball. (1:44:07) Pupils chatting. (1:44:53) A maths lesson relating to computer hardware. (1:46:51) An art class with drawing and clay modelling. (1:50:33) In the gym. (1:53:12) Going home by bus, cycle and walking. Public access copy available in Audio-Visual room.


Originally deposited as a CD-ROM. Public access copy available on Preservica: (Search 'SL245/14/12')

Jul 2005

Originally deposited as an audio cassette. The cassette tape was re-recorded in 1980 and runs for 17 minutes. Public access copy available on Preservica: (Search 'SL245/14/3')


Running time 45 minutes. Originally deposited as an audio cassette. Public access copy available on Preservica: (Search 'SL245/14/5')


Originally deposited as a CD-ROM Public access copy available on Preservica: (Search 'SL245/14/15')

nd. [20th century]

Originally deposited as a video cassette. Duration: 33 mins. (00:59) Girls getting ready to ski. (04:07) Footage of the ski lift and also skiers on the ground. (9:54) The girls enjoying the evening at a local bar , doing karaoke. (13:37) The group, including the boys, singing together. (15:23) Footage of a landscape including snow covered buildings. (16:17) More scenes including the foggy atmosphere. (17:35) One of the girls having a conversation in a phone box. She is startled when she realises that she is being filemd. to see that she is in fact also being filmed. (18:08) The group enjoy playing on a 'bucking bronco' machine. (25:45) A girl searching for her skis, which have apparently been hidden, under the snow. (27:34) The ski lift area. (30:15) What appears to be a mini awards ceremony celebrating the girls progressing with the skiing.


Originally deposited as a video cassette. Contains video of [Sixth Form] students participating in a school parody of the 'Pop Stars' reality TV talent show. (00:10) The first competitors are four teenage boys and a girl in pigtails. They are on stage performing for a audience of teenage girls, presumably at Beverley High School. They sing 'I Want It That Way' by the Backstreet Boys. (00:31) The same group mime and dance to 'Sacred Trust' by One True Voice. (05:00) Another group of four boys, dressed as pantomime versions of girls, and one real girl, mime and dance to the 'Girls Aloud' song 'Sound of the Underground.' (10:16) A boy joins two girls dressed as the Cheeky Girls on stage. He sits between them and everyone sings 'Happy Birthday' for him. Both girls give him a birthday kiss, then the girls dance and mime to the 'Cheeky Song'. Towards the end of the song all the other competitors join them on stage and do the Cheeky Girls dance. (14:24) The girl who has been introducing the acts explains the voting system and the audience gets up to leave. Film and Sound Archive access copy available onsite in the Audio-Visual Room


Originally deposited as a video cassette. Contains video footage of Beverley High School during a typical school day. Timing. Action on film: (00:16) Overview of school activities, with hymn being sung. (00:41) Title card - 'A Beverley High School Day'. (01:00) Crossing Norwood to get to school. (02:15) Sorting papers, books at 'locker' shelves. (02:27) Assembly. (04:12) Headmistress explains to pupils that they are being filmed for the 75th anniversary of the school. She speaks about the first use of radio in 1920 by flying doctors in the Australian outback. (06:18) Captains badges announced and handed out. (08:30) Note on student behaviour in town and on buses. (11:00) View of buildings from courtyard/gardens. (11:24) Library. (12:48) Music lesson, possibly 1st form, singing in preparation for the school birthday celebrations on Friday. (16:40) Snack/tuck shop at break time. (17:35) PE lesson - hockey. (22:30) Lunch hall. (26:50) Lunchtime games in the garden, conker tree, reading. (27:37) Gymnastics - balance beam, asymmetric bars, floor mats. (30:38) Home economics - making pastry for pies, tips for nutrition. (34:36) Science lesson - making ripples in water, light refraction. (37:45) Netball. (40:00) Pupils chatting. (40:48) Mathematics lesson - uses of computer hardware. (42:46) Art - portraits using pencil, clay modelling plants, drawing pine cones/plants in charcoal. (46:30) Gym - aerobics, badminton, trampoline. (49:09) Going home - cycling, walking and school bus.

19 Sep 1984

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