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nd. [c.1990s]

Originally deposited as a video cassette.

May 2002

Originally deposited as a video cassette. Timing: Action on film. (00:29) A little boy from [Withernwick County Primary School ]announces "Class one presents singing and dancing games." (00:34) A little girl tells us that the first song is called "Pixie cobbler.". The children are in pairs. They do a dance with hand movements as they perform the song. (03:36) A little boy announces "A sailor went to sea." The children stand in a circle and sing the song accompanied by hand movements. (04:42) A little girl tells us that the next song is called "Heel and toe." The children dance in pairs as they sing the song. (07:09) A little boy tells us that they are going to finish with "The grand old Duke of York." The children do a square dance as they sing this song. (09:30) Class One stand in a group to say in unison that they hope we enjoyed their video and then bid us goodbye. (09:57) A notice appears on the screen with the information "Class two presents." The next screen says "An egg-citing story" over the image of a psychedelic snail. (10:18) A small boy holds up a notice to tell us that this film is by Withernwick Juniors. (10:37) A young boy brings a rare plant into the classroom. He tells everyone that his auntie brought it back from Africa. (10:46) The children notice holes in the plant, and snails start to appear. (11:12) Snail eggs can be seen on top of the soil in the plant pot. More snails are hatching out. (11:25) The children stand over a box of hatched snails. The boy who brought the plant in says that African snails can grow up to half a meter. A little girl holds up a meter rule to emphasise the size. "This big! she says. (11:55) The children have written a 'newspaper article' about the snails. This is pinned up on the wall. (12:04) Two little boys are practising their times tables. A large snail which happens to be nearby calls out the answer to 2 x 9. The children gasp in horror. (12:28) A group of snails recite the three times table. (12:46) The end.

nd. [1990s]

Originally deposited as a video cassette. The Soldiers' Christmas. Timing: Action on film. (00:03) The cast of a nativity play sit on seats at the front of a stage. (00:30) A narrator tells us about the Roman soldiers who were many miles from home, but never complained. (00:41) Four Roman soldiers march up the hall and onto the stage. (00:54) Everyone sings a song about the soldiers. (02:00) The soldiers march off. (02:10) Another narrator, a girl, tells us how Mary was visited by an Angel of God. (02:24) The angels and Mary enact this on stage. Then they sing a song about it. (04:23) Mary tells Joseph her good news. (04:36) The male narrator tells us of how Joseph and Mary travelled to Bethlehem for the census. Everyone sings a song about this. (07:11) Our female narrator tells of how the holy couple met the Roman soldiers who were taking the census in Bethlehem, and we see this acted out. (09:22) The male narrator explains that Joseph had trouble finding somewhere for Mary and himself to stay in Bethlehem, and this is acted out. (09:58) Eventually an inn keeper let them stay in her stable. (10:45) Mary's baby is born. Mary and Joseph sit on stage with the crib. Everyone sings about this. (12:22) Our female narrator tells us about how shepherds on a hillside near Bethlehem saw a host of angles. The children act this out, and one of the shepherds sings a song. (15:50) Our male narrator describes how the shepherds were stopped by Roman soldiers as they went in search of Baby Jesus. Everyone sings about it. (17:41) We are told how the shepherds found Baby Jesus asleep in the stable and the children act this out. (18:03) One of the Angels sings a song while some smaller angels perform a dance. (19:32) We are told about how the Wise Men saw a special star and this is acted out on stage. Everyone is assembled on the stage and the Wise Men join them. They sing a song about all this. (21:54) The girl narrator tells us how the Roman soldiers took part in the adoration of Jesus, and everyone sings about this. (26:08) A small boy dressed as a modern policeman joins them at the end of the scene. (26:18) Our female narrators sums up the meaning of the nativity and everyone sings a song about Christmas. (28:48) The cast and narrators take their curtain calls, applauded by an unseen audience. (30:30) They sing the song about Christmas again. Hot Shot. (31:54) Scene 1, Some children are singing about how they want to be hot. (35:21) Scene 2, The Guardroom. Four Icicle Guards are cleaning their shoes. A bullying Sergeant Showdrop tells them that this is to be a big parade, and the Ice King will offer everyone cold comfort. They sing a song. (41:36) Scene 3, The Procession. In a frozen park, the Ice King addresses his subjects. He is threatened by an assassin with a hair dryer. Private Drip saves the king from a melt-down and is decorated by the King - with Christmas baubles! (45:08) They sing about the Ice King, who walks around looking menacing. (49:22) Scene 4, The Guards' Room. Some 'women' are cleaning the room. The Icicle Guards come in and sit around a table. The women serve them a meal. Sergeant Snowdrop arrives and tells of a threat from the Prince of Fire. The SAS (Send Awful Shivers) or Jack Frost are going to be sent in. (54:16) The SAS line up on stage. They sing a song and perform a mime about searching for the Prince of Fire. (59:36) Some people are gathered around a crib. A 'Welcome Home' banner has been pinned to the back wall. They debate whether or not the baby in the crib could be the Prince of Fire, then sing a song. A narrator tells us that the baby spends many years hiding from the Ice King and his guards. But one day Hotshot, as his friends call him, decides it is the right time to challenge the evil rule of the Ice King. (01:03:34) Scene 7, The Bridge. The Prince of Fire appears. They sing a song, "See you later, refrigerator". (01:10:05) Seene 8, The Bonfire. Hotshot prevails and they all live happily ever after. They sing about building a fire. (01:14:43) The cast take their curtain calls. (01:16:52) Everyone sings "We Wish You a Merry Christmas."


Originally deposited as a DVD-ROM.

10 Apr 2003

Originally deposited as a video cassette. Duration: 56 minutes


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