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Fairview Studios CDs and related booklet

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Originally deposited as CD-ROMs Includes 2 CDs set and booklet of autobiographical notes by Keith Hurd who started Fairview Recording Studios at his house in Willerby. This set contains notes on the recording studio and artists, including Basil Kirchin (whose avant-garde music was used in films such as the 'Abominable Dr Phibes'); Mandy and the Girlfriends (Hull's first all-girl group); The Mandrakes (whose singer was (Robert) Allen Palmer; Michelle's Musketeers; The Hammer (with keyboard player Rod Templeton who later wrote 'Thriller' for Michael Jackson); Gerry Widd; The Rats with Mick Ronson (who later worked with David Bowie in 'The Spiders From Mars'); Marty Wilde (who recorded an entry for the Eurovision Song Contest); Dave Greaves and Steve Halliwell. Contains the following tracks Part I 1. Get Ready, by Mandy and the Girlfriends. 2. If I Needed Someone - The Strollers 3. The Good, The Bad & The Ugly - Michelle's Musketeers 4. One Up On Me - The Small Four 5. The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feeling Groovy) - The Gerry Widd Trio 6. It's The Hardest Thing - The Mandrakes 7. Serafina - Trevor Hickson 8. City Store - Fairview Productions 9. The FortuneTeller's Friend - Jerry Page 10. The Girl Who Understands Me - Keith Hollome with The Bill Kinsey Quintet 11. The Letter - The Fabians 12. Life's A Gamble - Roger Bloom's Hammer 13. It Was A Giggle M'lud - Fairview Productions 14. Exactly Like You - The Bill Kinsey Quintet 15. Crying Time Again - Sugar and Spice 16. I've Had Enough - The Dave Jackson Group 17. Tall Ships and Trees - DK Duo 18. On My Way Again - Michael Chapman 19. Four Seasons Part One - Basil Kirchin 20. Did The Painter Have a Dream - Unknown 21. Medley - The Mayfair Mecca Bingo Choral Society Part II 1. Walking Around - Ways n Means 2. Glorified Man - Kaine's Kulture 3. Love Comes - The Ides of March 4. What Else Can I Say - Mandy And The Girlfriends 5. It's Alright - ABC 6. Baby Sitting - The Mandrakes 7. The Rise And Fall Of Bernie Cripplestone - The Rats 8. Love The One You're With - The Variations 9. Don't Leave It Too Late - Terra Nova 10. Time of the Season - The Hammer 11. Rudy's In Love - The Axe 12. Cinnamon Girl - Karalious 14. It Lurks Everywhere - Matthew and Son 15. Goodbye To Monday Nights - Michael Chapman 16. Flash - Bare Soul 17. The Loser - Bone 18. Rickety Tickety Tin - Bob Simes 19. Like Now - Basil Kirchin 20. I Love You Babe - Dave Greaves and Steve Halliwell 21. Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Johnny Small & The Little People Public access copy available in Audio-Visual Room


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