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Contains video about life at Hall Garth Farm, Leven. With video footage of farming activities and methods employed at the time. Also refers to the history of farming in the area. Duration: 23 mins Timing: Action on film (00:38) Some introductory shots of the family. (01:20) Henry Ford's workshop and an early tractor. (01:34) A threshing machine. (01:46) Hall Garth farm keeps an ancient threshing machine as a monument to bygone times. (01:57) A modern [c.1970] threshing machine in action. (02:35) Some [Victorian] steam engines in action in a field. (03:05) A musical steam organ. (03:13) The earlier steam engine and a threshing machine. (04:09) Farmer Bill Watson comments on how the harvest is going. (04:35) The corn-drying operation. (05:58) The farmer tapes pieces of wood to the bottom of his shoes to walk on the harvested corn in a barn. (06:43) William fixing some punctures in a very large tractor tyre. (08:50) Introduction to Mrs Watson who shows the pigs. (09:58) A large number of pigs feeding in an indoor facility. (10:26) Tractors pulling different kinds of plough across a field. (13:29) A young woman shows the site of a medieval church on the farm land. The earliest gravestones still standing are about 1782. Some of the gravestones are now in the village church in Leven. The church on the farmland is mentioned in the Domesday Book. (13:59) As winter arrives a view is shown of various snowy fields. (14:36) The potato harvest. (14:45) Grading potatoes on a conveyor belt. (15:17) Collecting potatoes into large paper sacks. (17:07) A demonstration of the new tractor which has a radio. (17:55) Working with a large digger. (19:18) Playing in the snow at Christmas time. The children and adults have snowball fights and ride on sledges. A large sledge with five passengers is towed along by a car. (22:42) A beautiful purple and red sunset over Hall Garth Farm. Public access copy available on Preservica: (Search 'DDX1516/1')


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