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Says that Ernie is in France and hopes to send him a box. Apologies for not sending a box as things are bad. John Thomas has received his exemption card. 'Lyd' is staying at Gimble and thinks her husband must have died suddenly. Believes Frank is in Armitiers. Gives Ernie's address as Private D E Thornton, 15 Platoon 4th Company, 20th Labour Battalion, Notts and Derby Regiment. Public access copy available on Preservica: (Search 'DDX2001/6')

11 Jul 1916

Hopes she is in good health. Has written her quite a few letters but has received back only one from her. States that it does not take long to write a letter and he always looks forward to them. Public access copy available on Preservica: (Search 'DDX2001/12)

2 Jun 1916

Has heard he has crossed the [herring pond]. Encloses Ernie's address. Ernie has been out about 3 weeks and is getting along fine under the circumstances. Ernie did not pass the General Service inspection. Believes Frank is located not far from him. Hopes to send him cigarettes and food. Includes 'Lord Kitchener's Message to the Army' printed card, nd. [c.1916]. Public access copy available on Preservica: (Search 'DDX2001/7')

nd. [c.1916]

Has heard he was injured and saw his name in the casualty list. Forwards on 'Lid's' letter to him. Has received a letter from 'Roll' who said that he had seen Jack and that he was 'very bad'. Expresses regret he did not receive the box A[da] sent him. Jack is still keeling. Mentions that some keelmen have been taken and that [men] at picture palaces and shows have to show their exemption cards or they get marched off straight away. Thinks Al[b] Verity will get his ticket soon when he is in England. Will try and send another box of things or a trifle. Alice Gillyon sent Jack two lots and he did not receive anything. Asks him to send them a field card soon. Public access copy available on Preservica: (Search 'DDX2001/5')

nd. [c.1916]

Misses his company in Scarborough. Sister Annie talks of him every evening. Remembers the sad farewell at the station. Asks if he likes the look of things out there and mentions the 5th Yorks [Regiment] and Sergeant Hardy. Asks him to tell her if they move him on. Says how fond she had become of him while he was in Scarborough. Mentions Ada and Eva and adds that Ada may have been jealous of Jack and her. Mentions Annie and children. Public access copy available on Preservica: (Search 'DDX2001/1')

16 Apr 1916

Signed 'Annie, to Jack with love'. Public access copy available on Preservica: (Search 'DDX2001/3')

nd. [early 20th century]

Mentions that those who enlisted in Canada get more pay and 'have a much better time'. Has received a photo of Jack who is in the artillery and a letter from Martha. 'Winnipeg is looking like a garrison town with so many soldiers but it makes the place livelier'. Public access copy available on Preservica: (Search 'DDX2001/4')

nd. [early 20th century]

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