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Contains Leconfield military base archaeology project records relating to excavations at site of proposed hangar construction 2005-2006 and site of proposed synthetic football pitch 2006-2007; archaeology project records relating to Burton Engineering Works, Bridlington, 2005-2006, and archaeology project records relating to Yew Tree Ponds, Risby Estate 2012-2013


Includes dog breeding, pedigree and show records 1954-2006, photographs 1939-2003, biographical and dog breeder records 1966-2003, dog prize cards 1956-2005, dog judging records 2001-2006, printed records 1990-2008, videos and digital discs 2002-2010 and miscellaneous records 20th century-2005.


Contains John E Thornton First World War letters (digital copies) 1916.


Contains 'Views of Beverley from St Mary's Church tower' digital photographs nd. [c.1984]-2013 and 'Beverley in the 1980s' digital photographs nd. [1980s].

nd. [c.1984]-2013

Includes minutes 1908-1940, annual reports 1908-1938, administrative records 1914-1968, membership rolls and cards 1908-1934, printout of database of members 1908-1934 2008, photographs of groups with list 1910s-1990s, photographs of named individuals organised alphabetically 1909-1990s, photographs organised by year 1909-1978 (with gaps), photographs organised by subject 20th century, roll of honour information [20th century], printed records 1908-2008, Old Members' Association records c.1919-1960s, Arthur Ellerker Ross' records 1910-1918, memorabilia album of Raymond Kitching 1888-2002, St Aidan's Company, Framwellgate Moor, Durham, records 1920s-1970s


Contains photographs of ships built at C D Holmes Shipyard, Beverley and Drypool, taken by Walter Fussey and Son nd. [c.1970s] and 'Boston Fury' trawler model photographs and video CD-ROM 2015.

nd. [c.1970s]-2015

Contains Paull St Andrew Church Renovation Work DVD 2009, Archbishop of York Service at Paull Church DVD 2010


Contains A63 Melton Grade Separated Junction Highways Agency records CD-ROM (digital copies) 1994-2000, environmental statement 2000


Contains Lockington photographs (digital copies) CD-ROMs nd. [c.1900]-2001 and printed index 2004.

nd. [c.1900]-2004

Contains 'Sketches of the Bell & Gell families, from the year 1630 to 1868' family history by William Bell (digital transcript) [1869-1893].


Contains 'A Farming Family' Hall Garth Farm, Leven, documentary film [1980s]


Contains Goole Borough Grand Pageant audio cassette 1958, 'Car Rally' film 1967, 'Church Activities' film 1964-1967, 'Dockers' video 1988, 'The Renewal of South Dock Bridge' video nd. [c.1990s], 'Goole Built' video nd. [c.1990s], 'The Lost Princess' film nd. [c.1990s], 'The Natural Route for Europe' Humberside County Council video nd. [c.1994], 'Amazing Characters of Hull and East Yorkshire' video nd. [c.1993], 'Beverley, The Beaver Clearing in the Woods' video 1993, 'Fish n Ships' volume 2 video nd. [c.1995], 'Hull At War' parts 1 and 2 videos 1992-1993, Snowden Dunhill BBC Radio Humberside recording audio cassette 1975, 'T Christmas Crack' Yorkshire Dialect Society recording audio cassette 1975, Kiplingcotes Derby recording audio cassette 1974, 'A Town Like Goole' BBC radio programme recording audio cassette 1988, 'Rawcliffe People' oral history recordings 6 audio cassettes 1994-2004, 'Roving around Spaldington' BBC Radio Humberside recording audio cassette 1973, Goole Day Hospital oral history recordings by M Squires 16 audio cassettes nd. [c.1990s], 'Organs at Burton Constable' recording 1975 and 'The Buying and Selling of a Pig' dialect recording nd. [c.1973] audio cassette, 'Christine' ship slides nd. [20th century], 'Marshland' ship slides nd. [20th century], Wynn House and river bridge glass plate negatives nd. [c.1900], 'East Riding of Yorkshire Landscape Character Assessment' CD-ROM 2005. See also LD/7/1 for access and preservation copies.


Contains East Riding postcards CD-ROM nd. [20th century]

nd. [20th century]

Contains AGM minutes Apr 2004, newsletters 1999-2005, annual programmes 1999-2005, Civic Society updates Nov 2004-Dec 2005, published copy of the Civic Society's survey of members views on the future of Howden town centre 2005, local printed records and 'Howden's Heritage' promotional video 2003


Includes records of Thomas Robson 1875-1924, his wife Eva Robson 1918, his son Richard Robson 1901-1920, son Frederick William Robson 1904-1918, son Edward Moore Robson 1914-1920, the sons First World War records [1915-1917] and other records relating to the history of the Robson family


Contains: First World War: working papers box files [1914]-2014 which include 'The Last Voices of a Generation' DVD-ROM 2008, East Yorkshire Regiment 1/4th Battalion Territorials War Diary CD-ROM 1914-1919, J W Hall of Beverley photographs nd. [c.1914-1918], 'Ours' Reckitts magazine 1920, war diary of Private J H Moor of Beverley 17th battalion North Fusiliers 1915-1916 (photocopy), 'Known Unto God' soldier photographs nd. [c.1914-1918], photograph albums nd. [19th-21st century] Second World War: working papers [1911-2016], 'Ten chapters 1942 to 1945' by General B L Montgomery, 'The Eighth Army: September 1941 to January 1943' and 'The Battle of Egypt' magazine, photograph album nd. [late 1930s]-[2013] and DVD-ROM of Remembrance Day memorial at Reckitts, Hull, 2008

nd. [c.1910s]-2016

Contains 'Middle 8' singing group Christmas performance at Burton Agnes Hall video recording DVD-ROM 2008, 'Shades of Middle 8' audio recording CD-ROM 2011 and 'Christmas with Middle 8' audio recording CD-ROM 2013, 'Middle 8 Live' audio recording CD-ROM 2017


Contains 'Changing Horizons: Coastal Change and the Fishing Industry in Holderness' oral history 2013.


Includes minutes 1974-2001, correspondence 1974-2001, accounts 1981-1984, membership records 1991-2001, scrapbook of memorabilia 1972-2001, audio tapes 1990s and miscellaneous records 1980s-2001.


Includes Board of Governors’ minutes 1979-1991, headmistresses' reports 1955-1990, headmistresses' retirement presentations 1955 and 1979, headmistresses’ correspondence 1938-1969, staff register 1928-1967, staff contracts 1962-1989, salaries and wages records 1954-1973, school admission register 1965-1991, school council minutes 1947-1991, pupils’ scrap books containing material on current affairs in Germany, Austria and Czechoslavakia 1938, circular letters to parents 1978-1991,examination records 1930-1979, open day and speech day files 1961-1990, Golden Jubilee records 1988, visitors’ book, financial statements 1929-1955, cash and account books 1935-1968, school propspectuses 1948-1990, organisational assessment survey 1988, Education Bodies minutes and associated papers files 1949-1960, architectural plans and drawings 1930, 1956, 1964 and 1970, photographs of school pupils, staff, school life and school buildings and grounds 1928-1990, school magazines 1929-1987, scrapbooks 1928-1991, audio recording 1983, Old Girls’ Association, magazines 1946-1995, new Hunmanby Methodist Church records 1955-1959, 'The Conqueror's Gems' compiled for the Old Girls' Association Diamond Jubilee by Genista W Dawson 1992


Includes research notes 1930s-1980s; photographs and postcards 1897-20th century; newspaper cuttings 20th century; Hessle census 1841-1881 information; Hessle documents, notes and printed sources 1836-1988; Hull documents, notes and printed sources 1970-1984; guide books and leaflets 20th century; maps and plans mainly relating to Hessle (some copies) 1771-1910; published records 1919-1981 and other records 1960-c.1980s.

19th century-20th century

Contains Hook Enclosure Map (photocopy) [1768], Hook Enclosure Copy Map (digital copy) [1897], Hook Enclosure Award (digital copies) [1775-1954], Hook Enclosure Act transcript (digital copy) nd. [c.2011].


Contains Beverley slides 1957-2012 including copies of earlier documents, folder 'Beverley Streets and Around 1957-2012' containing itemised and numbered up catalogue of slides, list of slides for 'Re-creation of the Guild Corpus Christi procession' for Beverley Festival 1968, Beverley photographs 1890-2016, postcards c.1900-1960s, negatives 1968-1991, printed source files 1910-1999, newspapers and cuttings 1956-2012, brochures, programmes and guides 1951-2012, Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee commemorative poster 1977, 'The Journal' magazine Golden Jubilee edition 2012, maps and plans 1962-1981, and 'A pictorial record of Beverley town streets DVD-ROM' c.2000


Including log books 1945-1968; registers of pupils 1926-1944; admission registers 1945-1988 [returned to College]; papers relating to examinations including mark books 1925-1973, staff salaries books 1948-1961; timetable book 1935-1939; headmaster's miscellanea 1927-1934 and 1973 with headmaster's notes, speeches, reports, newscuttings; papers relating to College administration 1926-1969; financial 1925-1980 with fee-payers cash books 1925-1943; records relating to premises and extensions 1954-1971; publications 1927-1988 with souvenir magazines, College magazine, prize day programmes; photographs 1925-1988; printing blocks; films 1960-1964 (originals transferred to Yorkshire Film Archive, access copies available here), records of Parents' Association with minutes and register of members 1954-1980; tennis club records 1936-1941.


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