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Contains Sam Bartle, Driffield, Covid-19 poems (digital copies) 2021


Contains 'Barn Dance' film nd. [c.1960], 'Middlehead' film 1964, 'Soccer' films nd. [c.1960], 'Beverley Centre Theft' film nd. [c.1960], 'Camping' film nd. [c.1960], 'Trip' film [1967], 'Halloween' film nd. [c.1960], 'Youth Club Night' film nd. [c.1965], 'Christmas Revue' film nd. [c.1960], 'Camping Trip' film nd. [c.1960], 'Marathon' film nd. [c.1960], 'Malham, Guiseley' film nd. [c.1960], 'Bus, Sports, South Wales' film nd. [c.1960], 'Langdale' film nd. [c.1960] and 2 films of unspecified content nd. [c.1960], 'Kids Today' local documentary video cassette 1996, 'School Events' DVD-ROM 1999-2000, 'Swinemoor' DVD-ROM 2000.

nd. [c.1960]-2000

Comprising the estate and family records of the Chichester-Constable family of Burton Constable Hall. Including deeds, estate and manorial records relating to Aldbrough 1517-1845 with bill advertising Aldbrough Races; Atwick Enclosure Act 1769; Barmston 13th century-1819 with terrier of Barmston rectory 1770; Barmston Manor court roll 1468; Barnby 1150; Benningholme 1653-1769; Bessingby Enclosure Act 1766; Beswick 1358; Beverley, exemplification concerning boundaries of the liberties 1574; Bishop Wilton 1826; Bridlington Pier Acts 1697-1789; Brigham Enclosure Act 1766; Manor of Burstall Garth 1712-1748 with extracts from court rolls; Burstwick 1086-1862 including; Manor of Burstwick 1368-1918 with court roll, court files, jury lists; Burton Agnes 1564; Burton Constable 1375-1939; Manor of Burton [Constable] cum Membris 1419-1789 with court roll, account roll, jury presentments; Burton Fleming 1270; Burton Pidsea 1584-1912; Catwick 1707-1796; Cherry Cob Sands 1742-1856; Cleeton 1533-1890; Manor of Cleeton 1550-1862 with court roll, court files, surrenders and admissions; jury list; Coniston Enclosure Act 1789; Manor of Cottingham receiver's account roll 1420-1421; Danthorpe 1596; Manor of Dimbleton 1713-1870 with indexes to manor court rolls; Driffield 1581; Dringhoe 1319-1320; Drypool 1764-1829; Easington 1478-1816; Manor of Easington, Kilnsea and Skeffling 1568-1906 with court roll, court file; surrenders and admissions; jury lists; grave roll and call roll; Manor of Easington Rectory, extracts from court rolls 1710-1731; Ellerby 1594-1812; Elstronwick 1806; Elmswell 1590-1591; Filey Enclosure Act 1788; Fitling 1346-1821; Flinton 1210-1849; Foulholme Sands 1830-1834; Garton in Holderness 1595-1773 with plan of Garton 1686; Halsham 1189-1873 with plan late 18th century; survey 1898, schedule of endowments of Halsham Hospital 1786; papers relating to tithes and rectory; Manor of Halsham 1336-1790 with account roll, court roll, court minutes, jury presentments; Hedon 1160-1882 with plan of Hedon 17th century; Hedon Quarter Sessions minutes; Hedon Court of Record minutes; Hilston 1280; Hollym 1793; Holme on Spalding Moor Enclosure Act 1773; Holmpton 1615-1864; Manor of Holmpton, extracts of surrenders and admissions from court rolls 1711-1749; Hornsea 1190-1877 with of surrenders and admissions in Hornsea Manor court of Hornsea; papers relating to Hornsea Pier; Hotham 1787; Hull 1434-1859 with plan of Hull, 1791; Keyingham 1564-1844; Kilham 1227-1771; Kilnsea 1610-1840 with papers relating to open fields; surrenders and admissions in manor court of Easington, Kilnsea and Skeffling; Kirby Grindalythe 1603; Lambwath 1396-17th century; Manor of Lambwath 1592-1778 with court roll, jury verdicts, call roll; Lelley 1583-1769; Leven 1805-1820; Manor of Leven extracts of surrenders and admissions from court rolls 1736-1748; Marfleet 1636; Marton 1440-1842; Meaux Abbey 18th century; North Frodingham 1615-1779; Octon 1311; Ottringham 1283-1676; Owstwick 1648-18th century; Owthorne 1612-1643; Patrington 1544-1807 with copy bailiffs' account for Manor of Patrington 1544-1545; copy of survey of Manor 1650; Manor of Patrington 1712-1749 with extracts from court roll; Manor of Patrington Rectory 1712-1749 with extracts from court roll; Paull 1210-1877; Manor of Paull and Paull Fleet court roll 1598-1633; Preston 1200-1632; Manor of the Rectory of Preston, extracts of court roll 1717-1749; Rimswell 1554-1768; Manor of Roos 1668-1742 with court rolls; Rudston 1331; Ryhill and Camerton pre-1290-1805; Sculcoates 1558; Skeffling 1427-1824; Skipsea 1763-1824; Manor of Skipsea 1562-1913 with court roll, court files, surrenders and admissions; Skirlaugh 1657-1739; South Frodingham 1666; Sproatley 1270-1878; Spurn Point 1609-1887 with papers concerning lighthouses, cobbles and gravel and lifeboat; Staxton 1528; Sunk Island 1669-1893; Swine 1546-1772; Tharlesthorp 1258; Thirkleby 1865; Thorngumbald 1651-1855; Thorpe in parish of Rudston 1305; Tunstall Enclosure Act 1777; Ulrome 1368-1765; Waxholme 1230-1292; Weeton 1768-1789; Manor of Weeton 1801-1865 with court rolls; Manor of Welwick Provost 1714-1747 with extracts from court rolls; West Newton 1200-1845; Withernsea 1718-1878; Manor of Withernsea and Owthorne 1372-1848 with court roll, court file, surrenders and admissions; survey of lands; grave rolls; Manor of Withernsea Priorhold 1636-1878 with court roll; Withernwick 1259-1872; Woodhall 1597-1866; Manor of Woodhall 1712-1823 with court minutes, call roll, presentments; Wyton 1663-1721; also with documents relating to Seignory of Holderness 1399-1878 with court rolls, grants of the seigniory, appointments, cases and opinions; deeds and documents for Counties outside the East Riding including Cumberland 1700-1702; Devon 1484-1836; County Durham 1558-1839.;Gloucestershire 1410-17th century; Hampshire 1648-1722; Hertfordshire 1675-1766; Ireland 1676-1870; Lancashire 1275-1599; Lincolnshire 1290-1938; London and Middlesex 1668-1696; Norfolk 1576; Northumberland 1591-1714; Nottinghamshire 14th century-1657 with fragment of a survey of Sherwood Forest; Staffordshire 1298-1855 with leases from sub-chanter and vicars choral of Lichfield Cathedral; papers relating to Roman Catholic chapel and school at Great Haywood; Suffolk 1372; Sussex 1368-1372; Warwickshire 1742-1755; North Riding of Yorkshire 1311-1871; West Riding of Yorkshire 1547-1853 Family and estate records and papers including bonds 1555-1845; settlements 1282-1871; wills 1419-1869; various deeds 1212-1873; papers relating to foreshore 1594-1870; papers relating to River Humber 1700-1860; coroner's papers 1586-1832 with abstracts of inquisitions; legal papers 1603-1893;estate and personal accounts and vouchers early 15th century-1871; estate rentals and surveys 1521-1871; enclosure awards 1735-1815; papers relating to drainage 1367-1858; estate and family correspondence 1620-1907; correspondence and other papers of William Constable 1657-179; correspondence and other papers of Hon Thomas Clifford 1766-1787 with documents relating to canals in Staffordshire; correspondence and papers of Sir Thomas Hugh Clifford Constable 1688-1820 with documents relating to the Leominster and other canals; papers of Ferdinand Cerotti 1821-1845; pedigrees and genealogical material 1500-1930; miscellaneous items 14th century-1927 including various documents, printed matter, acts of parliament, sale catalogues, pamphlets and books, newspapers; also with diaries and journals of Lady Clifford Constable and Eliza Constable 1768-1935; records relating to Markham family 1673-1753; maps and plans 1786-1877. Additional deposit - please see staff for further information

11th century-20th century

Contains East Riding postcards CD-ROM nd. [20th century]

nd. [20th century]

Contains AGM minutes Apr 2004, newsletters 1999-2005, annual programmes 1999-2005, Civic Society updates Nov 2004-Dec 2005, published copy of the Civic Society's survey of members views on the future of Howden town centre 2005, local printed records and 'Howden's Heritage' promotional video 2003


Includes records of Thomas Robson 1875-1924, his wife Eva Robson 1918, his son Richard Robson 1901-1920, son Frederick William Robson 1904-1918, son Edward Moore Robson 1914-1920, the sons First World War records [1915-1917] and other records relating to the history of the Robson family


Contains: First World War: working papers box files [1914]-2014 which include 'The Last Voices of a Generation' DVD-ROM 2008, East Yorkshire Regiment 1/4th Battalion Territorials War Diary CD-ROM 1914-1919, J W Hall of Beverley photographs nd. [c.1914-1918], 'Ours' Reckitts magazine 1920, war diary of Private J H Moor of Beverley 17th battalion North Fusiliers 1915-1916 (photocopy), 'Known Unto God' soldier photographs nd. [c.1914-1918], photograph albums nd. [19th-21st century] Second World War: working papers [1911-2016], 'Ten chapters 1942 to 1945' by General B L Montgomery, 'The Eighth Army: September 1941 to January 1943' and 'The Battle of Egypt' magazine, photograph album nd. [late 1930s]-[2013] and DVD-ROM of Remembrance Day memorial at Reckitts, Hull, 2008

nd. [c.1910s]-2016

Contains 'Middle 8' singing group Christmas performance at Burton Agnes Hall video recording DVD-ROM 2008, 'Shades of Middle 8' audio recording CD-ROM 2011 and 'Christmas with Middle 8' audio recording CD-ROM 2013, 'Middle 8 Live' audio recording CD-ROM 2017


Contains 'Changing Horizons: Coastal Change and the Fishing Industry in Holderness' oral history 2013.


Includes minutes 1974-2001, correspondence 1974-2001, accounts 1981-1984, membership records 1991-2001, scrapbook of memorabilia 1972-2001, audio tapes 1990s and miscellaneous records 1980s-2001.


Contains Leconfield military base archaeology project records relating to excavations at site of proposed hangar construction 2005-2006 and site of proposed synthetic football pitch 2006-2007; archaeology project records relating to Burton Engineering Works, Bridlington, 2005-2006, and archaeology project records relating to Yew Tree Ponds, Risby Estate 2012-2013


Includes dog breeding, pedigree and show records 1954-2006, photographs 1939-2003, biographical and dog breeder records 1966-2003, dog prize cards 1956-2005, dog judging records 2001-2006, printed records 1990-2008, videos and digital discs 2002-2010 and miscellaneous records 20th century-2005.


Contains John E Thornton First World War letters (digital copies) 1916.


Contains 'Views of Beverley from St Mary's Church tower' digital photographs nd. [c.1984]-2013 and 'Beverley in the 1980s' digital photographs nd. [1980s].

nd. [c.1984]-2013

Includes minutes 1908-1940, annual reports 1908-1938, administrative records 1914-1968, membership rolls and cards 1908-1934, printout of database of members 1908-1934 2008, photographs of groups with list 1910s-1990s, photographs of named individuals organised alphabetically 1909-1990s, photographs organised by year 1909-1978 (with gaps), photographs organised by subject 20th century, roll of honour information [20th century], printed records 1908-2008, Old Members' Association records c.1919-1960s, Arthur Ellerker Ross' records 1910-1918, memorabilia album of Raymond Kitching 1888-2002, St Aidan's Company, Framwellgate Moor, Durham, records 1920s-1970s


Contains photographs of ships built at C D Holmes Shipyard, Beverley and Drypool, taken by Walter Fussey and Son nd. [c.1970s] and 'Boston Fury' trawler model photographs and video CD-ROM 2015.

nd. [c.1970s]-2015

Contains Paull St Andrew Church Renovation Work DVD 2009, Archbishop of York Service at Paull Church DVD 2010


Contains A63 Melton Grade Separated Junction Highways Agency records CD-ROM (digital copies) 1994-2000, environmental statement 2000


Contains Lockington photographs (digital copies) CD-ROMs nd. [c.1900]-2001 and printed index 2004.

nd. [c.1900]-2004

Contains Leven Canal house-boats photographs CD-ROM 1972


Contains South Cave floods photographs, with back-up copy on CD, Jun 2007


Contains George Medforth farming memoirs (copies) nd. [c.1903-1978].

nd. [c.1903-1978]

Comprising the research notes, original and facsimile documents and photographs collected by the Rev David J Bulman mainly relating to North Ferriby and used as source material for 'North Ferriby - A Village History' (1982) and in parish magazines. Also contains the Wreghitt family collection including North Ferriby Cricket Club 20th century.


Contains 'Folk Song 88' recording audio cassette 1988, 'Folk Song 89' recording audio cassette 1989, 'Hollywood in Humberside' recording audio cassette 1989, 'A Song for the 90s' recording audio cassette 1989


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