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Includes the following images: 1) 'Miserable sky at Carnaby yesterday' 2) 'Caravan, car, Ellie at Firtree caravan site a few years ago' 3) 'Ellie’s back paw after I cut them' 4) 'Peacock at Carnaby' 5) 'Sewerby' 6) 'Downloaded a picture of a badger' 7) 'My floppy hair' 8) 'Halloween at Sewerby last year' 9) 'Ellie’s front paws after I trimmed them' 10) 'Victoria, Brody, Alex Fraser at a beach near Southport' Also contains a short essay on how the Covid-19 rules affected her and her family. Public access copy available on Preservica: (Search 'DDX2342/1')

Jun 2020

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