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Proceedings including council minutes 1889-1974; copy minutes 1889-1973; committee minutes 1889-1974; notices of motion 1918-1973, councillors' declarations 1888-1970, year books 1893-1974; questions and answers at council meetings 1938-1973; Clerk including registers of documents sealed 1889-1963, registers of contracts 1929-1938, documents registers c.1890s-1974; contracts 1890-1974; Treasurer including abstracts of accounts 1897-1973; budget estimates 1905-1974, journals 1889-1931, treasurer's cash book 1889-1890, financial schedules 1891-1905, receipts and payments accounts 1889-1933, staff salary registers 1909-1954, registers of teachers' salaries 1903-1968, superannuation fund return 1959-1963, valuation list for County 1927; Surveyor including registers of bridges 1929-1970s; Education including Board of Education returns 1903, County and H.M. Inspectors reports 1903-1960, papers relating to school endowments 1904-1958, administration records 1894-1952, staff registers c.1903-1909, staff salaries' registers c.1904-1946, teachers' agreements 1903-1949; registers of scholarships c.1912-1920, governors' minutes for Beverley High School for Girls 1907-1945, Bridlington St George's Senior Schools 1931-1945, Bridlington High School for Girls 1945-1960, Hessle County Schools 1945-1964, Withernsea County Schools 1945-1964, records transferred from Bridlington Borough Education Committee 1880-1952, miscellaneous documents 1871-c.1960, monthly circulars to schools 1963-1974, miscellaneous printed matter 1936-1967; public health department records with County Medical Officer of Health reports 1921-1930, 1950-1966; Planning including plans relating to town planning schemes 1938-1947; Libraries including accession registers 1927-1930s, stock records 1950-1956; Licensing including register of offences against local taxation licences 1909-1957, licensing compensation authority papers relating to loss of licence of public houses 1883-1940; Weights and Measures including registers of convictions 1908-1944, chief inspector's annual reports 1965-1972.


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